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Who We Are

Slice of Real Life, as the title suggests, refers to each aspect of our day-to-day life, be it social issues, crimes against women, political events, fashion shows, celebrity gossips, upcoming Bollywood movies, lifestyle product launch, food festivals, recipes, health & wellness tips, literature, real life stories, etc.

What Do We Do

SliceofRealLife.com is an online lifestyle magazine for men & women, with a voice and a soul that connect with society. We write in support of noble causes and in protest against social crimes. We interview authors, entrepreneurs and professionals to share their views as well as experiences with you. We publish fashion news, lifestyle news, entertainment news, food news, city news and press releases. We publish commentaries, columns and tips from experts in different niches. We promote authors, books, designers, creative work, events, festivals and lifestyle products. We share chef recipes from leading city restaurants.    


Like a mirror, we present the slices of life as they are without a makeover. We are not only a lifestyle magazine India but also an honest commentator on social issues. That is why we prefer to be called a Social and Lifestyle magazine online. We are open to accept and publish features, articles, opinions, views, commentaries, recipes and tips from readers (including authors, entrepreneurs, professionals & experts) in different niches.

Please do get in touch with us at sliceofrealife@gmail.com for promotional posts, product reviews, sponsored articles, guest posts and branding association. 

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