Actress Chitrangada Singh ambassador of Project Blossoming

Little girls bring smiles to everyone’s face, just as a blooming flower does. The name ‘NANHI KALI‘ comes from the idea that a girl child is like a delicate bud that blooms into a flower and spreads joy and fragrance everywhere.

chitrangada singh endorsements, diamond jewellery fashion lineMirari’s contribute to the Nanhi Kali initiative, the attempt by Mirari is crafted with creativity through the ‘CHERRY BLOSSOM Parure‘ for Gemfields. Cherry blossoms are an important part of the Japanese art and culture. They represent innocence, simplicity and spring. They mark the arrival of new beginnings and bring hope and dreams of greater things to come. The pale pink and white colors of the flower associate righteously with the innocence and charm of little girls. The flowers start blooming in early March and only remain till about 2 weeks. During this time the tree bursts into a full bloom and is entirely covered in delicate pink flowers. According to the Buddhist tradition, the breathtaking but brief beauty of the blossoms, symbolize the transient nature of life.

The flower eventually turns into fruit. This act of nature is a way of giving, a way to provide for everyone.

Mirari’s stone carved delight comes with a similar idea. An idea of taking the child through this significant stage of life and helping her become a person who is not just independent but is also able to contribute to the society, to mankind. It is more about bringing meaning to her life. Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh is the global ambassador of the Project Blossoming.


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The Cherry Blossom Parure is a diamond jewllery line. It is a set of a necklace and matching earrings. The necklace comes in two lines. The upper line is detachable and the lower single line can be worn independently. At the centre of each flower is a hexagonal shape Mozambique ruby. These rubies have a diamond in each corner as prongs. The centre is surrounded by fancy shape diamonds. The flowers are studded in pink and orange sapphires and the twigs in emeralds. Diamonds outline the petals to give a feeling of settled snow. The flowers are held together with ruby studded cherries that go around the neck. The necklace comes with complementing earrings.

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