An Open Letter to Arnab Goswami

Dear Mr. Arnab Goswami,

I am all praise for your stand against the vandalism that RSS recently carried out to stop the screening of Raj Kumar Hirani’s PK movie at a few theatres and your protest against the unjust arrest of the journalist (who slapped Mamata Banjeree’s nephew in West Bengal) on fake charge of attempt to murder. Let me thank you for allowing Kiran Bedi to speak in the latest episode “Kiran Bedi on Arvind Kejriwal” of your usually one-man show on Times Now.

But, the way you talked to her, behaved with her, and charged her with accusations on a public show, which started like an interview but ended up being an outlet to your criticism of none other than Kiran Bedi, to the point of rudeness, disheartened me. You accused her of being diplomatic when she expressly stated that her choice would be her party’s choice. According to you, diplomacy does not suit her because she is known for her straight-forward manner. Yes, in the same manner, she taught you, “Diplomacy is one of the finest arts.”

open letter to Arnab Goswami, Arnab Goswami shows on Times Now, Kiran Bedi Interview with Arnab Goswami, Kiran Bedi vs Arvind Kejriwal,You should know that diplomacy is the key to success, victory, and survival on earth. Be a person apolitical or nonpolitical, he or she is somewhat diplomatic in real life. According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, diplomacy is a “skill in dealing with people in difficult situations without upsetting or offending them.” It is referred to as soft skills in the corporate terminology. Besides, the day one loses innocence and gains experience, one learns to become diplomatic.

For your information, Lord Krishna used diplomacy as his sole weapon to help the Pandavas win over the Kauravas though he did not actively participate in the Battle of Kurukshetra. If not fighting on either side was his decision or temporary principle, being diplomatic was a circumstantial need for the good. Even the Mythology of India is full of references to Lord Bishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma’s being diplomatic. They diplomatically cursed the demons (who pleased them with their unflinching devotion) with death under the pretext of granting immortality.

You quoted Kiran Bedi’s previously spoken words that she would only raise her voice for ordinary citizens; she was and would always be by nature a non-political person; she would be in total social, public and academic life. As she is now BJP’s CM candidate for Delhi against Arvind Kejriwal, you directly accused her of having misled the countrymen. She politely defied the unjust accusation and tried to make you understand the constant evolution of one’s thinking at different phases of one’s life. Being too smart to understand that it is no crime to evolve for the good and with the passing of time, you did not hesitate to describe her point of view as double standard.

Let me tell you Mr. Goswami, no one wants to run in a circle. The opportunity to contest elections for the hot seat of the national capital’s CM and do politically serve the nation can sow the seeds of change, to say precisely, the seeds of evolution in any one’s mind. Let me give you an example to clarify my point. I was not interested in political affairs till before the Lok Sabha Elections 2014. But, all the drama of BJP, AAP and Congress prior to the Lok Sabha Polls piqued my interest in politics so much that I wrote “The Lungi Dance of Indian Politicians”, a satirical critique. Please note, I am as as apolitical now as I was before.

When Kiran Bedi, to justify her stand for BJP, held up the file in which she has tracked how Narendra Modi has been a vehicle of change for India, you made an offensive remark that you were not sure if the file was her own or from BJP. Your comment, intentional or impulsive, gave the show the face of an anti-BJP one.

One’s unflinching faith in something is like an institution, which you need not respect but you should not question. Kiran Bedi’s newly born faith in Narendra Modi’s leadership and BJP’s governance is an institution for her just as Arvind Kejriwal’s institution is his determination to root out corruption from the nation. She might have been negative about BJP and tweeted against the party in the past. It does not mean that an atheist will never turn into a believer.

For your information, a person can serve the society and the country in any way, be it political or apolitical. Yes, they must hold on to their principles. Hope, I am clear to you. Anyway, I will be watching your show “Newshour Direct” on Times Now.

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