Astha Narang launches her sizzling summer collection 2013

Mumbai,May 2013 – Young and dynamic designer Astha Narang unveils her  latest summer collection drawing inspiration from artist Goran Konjevod, who develops forms from 2D material and uses folding techniques of heat set and creates 3D obscure shapes.

The designer has adapted a flirty yet elegant line of designer wear keeping in mind the trend for the season. The splendid folds and pleats in the form of draping knits combined with flowing silk enhance the style of each look. Extracting the essence of cool colors like berry blues, leaf greens and mud grays, each ensemble looks exquisite and chic.

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Astha has a unique style that is bold, voluptuous and sharp. Folds, lines and movement have always fascinated her and inspired her designs. Her forte lies in incorporating drapery with fine tailoring and creating innovative forms and folds that reflect movement.

The Astha Narang label has created a niche brand catering to women’s couture-wear that is distinctly feminine and refined. With luxurious, chic and opulent designs, the brand is a runaway success and a great favorite among women.

Price Range – Rs 5000/- onwards

Availability– Astha Narang Studio-E 159,GK 1,New Delhi-110048


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