Best Festival food recipes for Diwali by Chef Bhuvanesh Kalburgi

festival food recipes for diwali, best Indian sweets, Indian food recipes festivalsNo doubt, India boasts the best festival food recipes in the world. Not a single festival is celebrated without the sweetening of mouths in the states of India. When it is Diwali, each Indian state tries to outsmart the other with its own festival recipes. Chef Bhuvanesh Kalburgi, a diehard food lover, is sharing the recipes of two festival foods for Diwali – Kathel Ki Tehri, and Hazelnut Katli. Bhuvanesh Kalburgi is master chef at Ramada Powai where only trans-fat free food is served. The Diwali sweet recipes are as follows:

Recipe of Kathel Ki Tehri



Fresh jack fruits: 125 Gm

Milk   : 800 Lt

Sugar:   50 Gm



Reduced the whole buffalo milk for 16 to 20 min after reduced then add 50 Gm of sugar boil for 02 min.

Remove from the heat and keep it aside to get the Rabadi at room Temperature.

Add Jack fruits in the bowl the poor the Rabadi on top of it.

Garnish with Kesar & Pista.


Recipe of Hazelnut Katli 


Hazel nuts: 100 Gm

Sugar:    50 Gm

Silver pepper



Soak the Hazelnut for 4 hours

Make a fine paste Hazelnut.

Add sugar mixed together and cook in a Kadhai for 10 to 15 min.

Once the mixture become thick consistency take it out from the Kadhai and let it be cool.

Once it become cold (Room temperature) roll It on marble table (it has to be ½ inch thick)

And cut in to Diamond cut.

Garnish with Silver pepper.

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