BIBA launches latest monsoon fashion trends 2013

With monsoon around the corner, BIBA gives you a chance to revive your wardrobe and enjoy the season to the fullest. Brace the rainy day with BIBA’s latest monsoon offerings in bright and lively colors. The four new ranges from BIBA’s monsoon fashion collection embraces an array of kurtas in breathable cotton fabric, where each outfit flaunts flawless cuts and extraordinary designs & prints. These kurtas and tunics provide comfort and thus, are a must have for this season.


The Mistletoe plant is synonym of romance and love which is the inspiration for this floral soft feminine collection. This range has a wide range of garden floral that have been splashed across white premium cotton in a soft feminine way. The cuts are weather friendly including silhouettes like tunics, crinkle kurtas , sleeveless smart styles and dresses. The ombre shades add a punch of romantic softness to the soft cotton flow. The collection is an ideal summer retreat. 

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The classic Indian impression of Chintz is the main inspiration for this collection.  BIBA has used the traditional chintz art with a modern fusion in cuts and silhouettes. Illustrators and artist have relentlessly drawn prints for days for this print development. The motif signatures have a background of soft pastel hues of powder blues and pastel pinks which highlight the European influence. The collection is an all time evergreen classic for your wardrobe. The cuts include a wide range of tunica, anarkali ghera styles and basic shapes.”


Drawing inspirations from the ancient Indian tribal ‘Warli’ paintings, BIBA presents a fresh look of this dying wall painting art. The tribal drawings have beautiful rustic expressions, which have been translated into prints. BIBA has kept the same essence of the rustic art alive through motifs. This is a beautiful and unique collection with special classic pieces for your wardrobe.


Inspired by the Romanian gypsy tribe, the gypsy look is another fashion trend that is strong for this season and we present it with the BIBA essence. The prints have been rendered using traditional Romanian floral motifs. The look is different, fresh and unique. The fabrics are lightweight and breathable keeping the monsoon requirement in mind. The group has a mixture of tunic shape and smart cuts to suit the mood of the theme.

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