Bollywood T-shirt Fashion Trends

We love everything about Bollywood – movies, songs and fashion. Bollywood fashion boasts a history of t-shirt trends from Govinda to Ranveer Singh. Today, we shortlist 8 B-town actors who have defined t-shirt fashion in their own ways. Here does the story of Bollywood celebrity fashion goes:

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It is Govinda who popularized mumma’s boy fashion in Bollywood. His funny t-shirts with three quarter pants in Hum Tumpe Marte Hai starring Urmila Matondkar had clicked with the teens of his time. Govinda lent a boyish look and boyhood attitude to this Bollywood movie fashion.

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Hrithik Roshan t-shirt was among the Bollywood fashion trends when Karan Johar’s Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gam hit the box office. The simple, monotone, biceps-fitting t-shirts that he wore in the movie stole the show with fitness-conscious college goers.

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Shah Rukh Khan with rough & tough image in Chak De, lent a macho look to Bollywood men’s t-shirt fashion which has been boyish in appeal till date. His collar t-shirts with virile hues became a favorite of men with sporty attitude.

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Since the release of Wake Up Sid in 2012, round-neck geeky fashion t-shirts with cartoon graphics have been among the most popular t-shirt fashion trends till date. The credit goes to Ranbir Kapoor who played Sid Mehra in the movie.

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It is Salman Khan who launched the “t-shirt fashion with conscience” initiative titled BEING HUMAN CLOTHING. It lent a message and a heart to Bollywood celebrity fashion. Being Human t-shirts ushered in a new era of fashion for young social reformers and activists.

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Arjun Kapoor, a new kid on the block, is looking hot in this cool v-neck t-shirt from the cleavage point. Though v-neck t-shirt fashion has nearly lost the sheen, it may get a new lease of life with the Kapoor boy.

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The Ranveer Singh hot fashion is a brand in itself. This v-neck t-shirt revealing cleavage hair and with a sunglass hanging from the lowest cleavage point can be a hit with youngsters. Ranveer Singh is the latest face of Bollywood movie fashion.

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Amir Khan revealed this look in a monotone round-neck t-shirt and a round-edged black hat during the promotion of Dhoom 3. Though not so hot, it has an exotic appeal which the Amir Khan fans must have taken fancy to.

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