Here’s How I Cooked a Plateful of Andhra Murgh Pakote in Only 20 Minutes

Good news for meat and seafood lovers in Hyderabad! Now high-quality packaged meat, seafood and pickles are available at our doorsteps in the city. A good range of ready-to-cook chicken, lamb, goat, fish and prawn, available in marinated and non-marinated choices, is a great relief to bachelors like me and working couples who find it tiresome to go out and shop for meat or fish particularly on week days. That’s what I experienced when I received a box of ready-to-cook Andhra Murgh Pakote from on Thursday (March 3) just one hour before I was about to leave for office.

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One 500g box of Andhra Murgh Pakote had 15 chicken wings marinated with an authentic Andhra-style marinade, a tongue-tingling mixture of green chilli, black pepper, fresh coriander, curry leaf and vinegar. After cooking, I found salt very mild in the dish. I sprinkled a pinch of raw salt and a little bit of black pepper flakes over the cooked chicken wings for extra flavor. Andhra Murgh Pakote tasted awesome!

The delivery boy carried it in an ice box all the way to my address and delivered it fresh. Since it had to be cooked on the same day, I cooked all the pieces in pure mustard oil in a big frying pan at a time, as per the instructions given on the product page of You won’t believe; it took me only 20 minutes to cook. The best thing is that it retails a natural taste without any preservative.

I made some ginger tea as a complement to the dish and enjoyed the whole affair to my heart’s content early in the evening. I had a few pieces of Andhra Murgh Pakote and packed the rest in a box for my colleagues. They too liked it and took the details from me.

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There are Habanero Chicken Wingers, Caribbean Jerk Chicken (boneless), Amritsari Achari Murgh, Chicken Malai Tikka, Chatpata Murgh Raan Gwalior, Peri Peri Chicken, and Chicken Tikka Boneless in the ‘Marinades’ section of

What can be easier to cook than ready-to-cook marinated meat and seafood for people like me who are always on the go?

Andhra Murgh Pakote from

  • 15 pieces
  • 500 gram
  • 260 rupees
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