CaratLane presents Promise Bracelets collection

For couple looking to show their commitment and love to each other and to bind their devotion as a prelude to relationship, the ‘Promise Bracelet’ is for them. is excited to announce their expanded line of ‘Promise Bracelets’ for couples who desire to prove their love to one another. Today, with the disregard for long-term relationships and monogamy, this ‘Promise Bracelet’ collection forms a symbol of authenticity and purity to the love that two people share. The range of ‘Promise Bracelet’ collection is symbolic, where the bracelet has to be locked and unlocked by the key, which symbolizes the promise that is made. 

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The ‘Promise Bracelet’ represents two individuals in love uniting and taking a promise to stand by each other through thick and thin. Only the one who holds the key can unlock the bracelet symbolising that each is dependent on the other’s love. The chain also symbolises that once the bracelet is opened the chain will hold the bracelet together and that the two individuals are always connected. This range of ‘Promise Bracelet’ by  demonstrates that no matter what a person’s taste or budget, their love for someone can easily be expressed with this symbolic gesture. 

‘Promise Bracelets’ are available in various styles and designs with powerful messages of love, togetherness and commitment.  This collection is usually made of precious yellow gold and is detailed with and without precious stone such as diamonds. So, lock in your promise of a ‘happily ever after’ with her! 

Keep your beloved close and seal the bond of loyalty with the beautiful ‘Promise Bracelet collection’ from priced from Rs.  59,350/- to Rs. 94,150/- 

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