Chef Sumit Kedia Offers Best Marwari Food Including & Beyond Dal Bati Churma at Sheraton Hyderabad

A Marwari chef from Rajasthan is up with a fabulous spread of Marwari food from Rajasthani cuisine in Hyderabad. Rajasthani Food Festival is not a rare happening in the City of Nizams. And Rajasthani food too is easily available at few restaurants round the year. But the typical Marwari food is a luxury for Hyderabadi foodies.

Feast at Sheraton Hyderabad found it the right time to host Marwari Food Festival which is distinctly defined by its menu available at no other restaurant in the city. Though some dishes like dal bati, churma, sangri, gatte ki subzi and malai kofta are pretty common on the menu, some other delicacies are rare gems from the Marwari community.

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The variety of authenic Marwari food is a major attraction of this food extravaganza at Feast, Sheraton Hyderabad. Executive Chef Sumit Kedia prepared the menu with some native dishes which are quite unheard of in Hyderabad. For instance, Ker ka achar, Pyaj ka achar, Papad ki churi, Ghewar with rabdi, Moong dal chilla, Dahi gujiya, Kachori with chana aur moth, Bajre ki roti, Gulab jamun ki sabzi, Gatta pulav, Jodhpuri dum aloo, Aloo ki kanji, Kairi ki lunji and Khowa barfi.

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Menu and Taste

The meticulously planned menu is extensive and large. It is perfect for those who are fond of dal bati, churma and missi roti with Ker sangri. At the same time, it is good for those who don’t mind trying lesser-known authentic dishes from other regions and community. There is a live counter dishing out platefuls of veg snacks including Moong dal chilla with paneer and chopped vegetable filling.

There is Kesariya malai doodh with chopped pistachio and almonds, which I relished with freshly made, hot jalebis dipped in it. A piece of moong dal ka chilla with a generous amount of chopped onion, grated paneer and coriander leaves was made according to my palate. The chilla was soft and super yummy. I had some kachori chaat too customized with my preferred ingredients for an enhanced taste.

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Be it a particular Marwari menu or a usual Rajasthani menu, Dal bati is the king of the menu irrespective of occasions. Dal bati was so delicious that I was all praise for Chef Sumit Kedia. This culinary mainstay of Rajasthan was made so perfect that it had nothing to be complained about. Churma blended with dry fruits is a must try. It felt a little dry because the quantity of ghee added to it should have been a little more.

In the main course, I tasted Ker sangri, Achari aloo, Paneer ka kut and Kadhi pakodi with missi roti and masala tikadia. All the curries were mindblowing. I must say the Ker sangri was the best. Achari aloo with pickled flavor tickled my taste buds. The bites of ghee smeared missi roti went well with ker sangri and achari aloo. I had a few spoonfuls of veg pulao with paneer ka kut to my heart’s content.

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I am sure you will be spoilt for choice in the dessert section of Marwai Food Festival at Feast, Sheraton Hyderabad. I could not heap my plate with all of the desserts: Kesariya jalebi, Moong dal halwa, Malpua, Balushahi, Gujiya, Khowa barfi, Laal peda, and Ghewar with rabri. The Marwari in me was overwhelmed by the intensity of such a broad sweet hospitality over Kesariya jalebi, Moong dal halwa, Khowa barfi and Ghewar. A typical Marwari wedding feast is sweetened with all of these four desserts.

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The whole epicurean entertainment was Marwari to the core also because of two pickles – Ker ka achar (Tenti dela pickle) and Tinda ka achar, which are not available in the City of Pearls. Chef Kedia imported them from Rajasthan for the foodies in Hyderabad.


  • Welcome drinks: Dhuan ri Chaas and Thandai
  • Chutneys & pickles: Aam ki lunji (green mango chutney), Ker ka achar, Tinda ka achar
  • Starters: Moong dal chilla, Kachori chat, Palak patta chaat, Cocktail khasta kachori
  • Main Course: Bhindi jaipuri, Ker sangria, Kadhi pakodi, Johdpuri dum aloo, Govind gatta
  • Rice & bread: Pulav, Bajre ki roti, Missi roti, Masala tikadia
  • Desserts: Kesariya jalebi, Moong dal halwa, Khowa barfi, Ghewar
  • Other accompaniments: Dahi bada, Aloo ki kanji, Pyaz ki chutney, Bikaneri bhujia
  • Special: Dal bati and churma

The Marwari Food Festival at Sheraton Hyderabad for buffet, lunch and dinner, is on till November 25. For reservations call: +91 40 4925 1172

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