Don’t Miss South Asian Women’s Conference 2017 to Network with Business Women Leaders and Innovators

The South Asian Women’s Conference 2017 is scheduled to take place on August 12 in Roswell, Georgia. ‘Women in Leadership – Breaking Barriers,’ is the theme of the conference, a unique opportunity to catch up with business women leaders and gain insights into the role of women in today’s workforce. One of the women entrepreneurs and leaders to deliver keynote speeches and share their inspiring stories at the conference is Uma Lakshman from Marietta, Georgia.

A multi-talented personality, Uma Lakshman is a data engineer by day and an activist entrepreneur by night. Known for her active involvement in various non-profit pursuits, she is the Global Ambassador for Parenting 2.0. She has kick-started SDNARI in San Diego, a non-profit initiative for the South Asian Women in need.

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Uma Lakshman is not caught between the workplace and the activities for the needy. Her enthusiasm and talent knows no full stop. Recently, she stepped into the shoes of an entrepreneur with a noble vision and mission, which resulted in the launch of Big Bangles Theory, a niche market for handmade bangles of various sizes and designs. Trademarked in USA, Big Bangles Theory is a rare blend of Uma’s compassion for artisans and her zeal for entrepreneurship.

“The foundation of Big Bangles Theory, a dream venture of mine, is laid on my experience, observation and realization during my backpack trips throughout India and to the Himalayas in particular,” says Uma Lakshman ebulliently.

What makes Big Bangles Theory a unique marketplace to shop for handcrafted bangles is the world’s first state-of-the-art sizing algorithm to help women find the right bangle size for their hands. Offering creatively designed bangles made from high-quality materials including glass, wood, fabric, terracotta, metal, stone and tree resin is the hallmark of Big Bangles Theory.

Uma’s mission of keeping the art and science of handcrafting bangles alive for the welfare of artisans is a driving force to make her entrepreneurial endeavour a global success. She believes that her eCommerce venture will be making a difference in the lives of artisans by reviving and promoting their creations worldwide. Recently, got bootstrapped and a mobile app. Check her Facebook page for more information on her social eCommerce venture.

Uma Lakshman holds an MS degree in computer science from Marquette University and a bachelor’s degree in physics. Besides activism and entrepreneurship, she dons other hats like singing, dancing and poetry.  She is a thinker, influencer and innovator too.

Do not miss the South Asian Women’s Conference 2017 to share and discuss your business ideas with Uma Lakshman and other key speakers there. Please do refer the flyer below for more details of the event:

South Asian Women Conference 2017, South Asian women leaders, women entrepreneurs

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