Festival recipes for Dussehra celebration by Silverspoon Gourmet

With the beginning of Navratri, the festive season of India is on a roll. Now is the time to cook up sweet festival food items for Dussehra celebration through sweetening of mouths. Silverspoon Gourmet, a Mumbai based catering service and gourmet gifting brand, shares the festival recipes of Pistachio Rose Yogurt and Almond Date & Coconut Bites. Hope, you would like these recipes at SliceofRealLife.com.     

Pistachio Rose yogurt 

fesitval foods, festive recipes, indian food recipes, indian sweets Ingredients 

4 cups of yogurt

1/2 cup of icing sugar

1 tsp rose syrup

¼ cup hot milk

2 tablespoon chopped pistachio


Method: Hang yogurt through muslin cloth for 3 hours. Mix in rose syrup into hot milk and let it come to room temperature. Mix into hung yogurt. Garnish with pistachio and rose petals. 

Almond Date & Coconut Bites

fesitval foods, festive recipes, indian food recipes, indian sweets Ingredients

200 gm pitted dates

¼ cup warm water

1/2 cup fresh grated coconut

200 gm chopped almonds



Mix dates and water. Mix in almonds. Roll into balls and cover with fresh coconut.

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