Gayatri Iyer’s ‘Chef In A Box’ Helps You be a Cook & Make Restaurant-like Dishes in Home

Now you can be a chef for your dear and near ones. You can cook new dishes from any cuisine of your choice with the help of professional chefs in the comfort of your beloved kitchen. Chef In A Box has made it possible to break loose from the monotony of eating pre-cooked food. It delivers ready-to-cook recipes from chefs instead of cooked food to your address.

Chef In A Box is an online platform or aggregator of chefs and restaurants to provide recipe kits to help foodies and aspiring chefs recreate the magic of chef styled dishes in their own homes. You can choose to order recipes from any cuisine from Bengali to Konkani, from Thai to Sri Lankan recommended by chefs and restaurants on the website of Chef In A Box. The recipe kits with ingredients in the right quantity and chefs’ precise instructions are delivered to your doorsteps.

Chef in a Box, recipe kit delivery, Gayatri Iyer, Delhi startupsHow Chef In a Box Came into Existence

Chef In A Box is launched by Delhi based Gayatri Iyer, a young dynamic entrepreneur and die-hard foodie. She is inspired by her grandmother and mom’s cooking to help others recreate the finger-licking dishes whose recipes are not easy to follow. While browsing her Twitter page on a lazy Sunday, she came across the threads of a US based platform called which sells recipe kits. It impressed her so much that she implemented the idea in the Indian market. She found it very helpful to cook difficult dishes easily if recipes come with measured ingredients and clear instructions.

Business Model of Chef In A Box

“The USP of Chef In a Box is that it is the first of its kind in India,” says Gayatri Iyer confidently. The platform aggregates recipes with quality ingredients from professional chefs from different parts of India. “The recipe kits are meticulously designed to make you feel confident of cooking any dish of your choice, be it Mutton Kasha or Khao Suey, at a professional level even if you are new to the kitchen. It brings back the joy of cooking which you can share with your foodie friends. We provide support from the time you visit our website to purchase a recipe kit until you cook the dish,” adds Gayatri.

Where Chef in A Box Stands in Competition      

Gayatri Iyer’s recipe delivery startup faces competition only from the cooked food segment which is crowded in the current scenario. It targets a very specific segment of people who are fond of cooking and who are tired of dining out or eating pre-cooked food which they are often not satisfied with. Chef In A Box helps them go back to the basics of cooking with a little help from professional chefs and cook dishes with creative twists, which is not possible for people in the cooked food segment.

chef in a box, delhi food startups, Gayatri Iyer, online recipe delivery

Challenges for Chef In A Box

Gayatri Iyer has many challenges to overcome. What she finds the most challenging is to make people understand the novel concept of her venture. She is trying different strategies to spread the word rather than making a few social media posts only. Her marketing plan also includes offline strategies such as cooking workshop, sponsoring a meal for friends, etc. “I strongly believe in the uniqueness of my startup. I need to reach out to the right audience in several different ways including food forums and foodies’ groups,” says Gayatri.

Future Plans and Goals

Gayatri Iyer is on a mission to get the best of her startup. She sounds very sanguine about her vision of it. She is looking to enrich the treasure of recipes from different regions and cuisines by connecting with more and more restaurants, chefs and culinary experts. Bringing all metro cities under the purview of Chef In A Box is her next goal. She has plans to connect with customers and engage them with the website for various reasons. She is also looking to raise fund for investment in technological development of Chef In A Box.

About Gayatri Iyer

Gayatri is an MBA graduate from a leading business management institute. She joined American Express as a financial analyst in 2010 and quit after five years when she was a lead project manager. She wanted to make the best of her creative self. It motivated her to author a book “Life’s Macchiato: A Collection of Your Stories,” and learn some traditional arts. Apart from helming the operations and marketing of Chef In A Box, she is a contributing artist selling merchandise on She loves channelizing her creativity in multiple ways such as learning various cooking techniques from chefs, experimenting with new recipes, shopping for cookbooks, organizing theme based cooking workshops, etc.

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