Geek Fashion: look geeky, feel geeky & walk geeky

Geek fashion is the latest and hottest trend. What is Geek Fashion? Hang-loose look, uncoordinated clothing, big glasses, colorful muffler around the neck, checked pants, scruffy hair, canvas shoes, canvas belts, printed shirts, sleek neackties, unusual prints and bold colors. Geek fashion is outpacing the trend among boys to get noticed for their toned muscles and well-built physique.

Geek fashion, also known as nerd fashion, has become a slice of life for yuppies in small towns, fashionistas in big cities and celebrities in the tinsel town. Everyone from party animals to pubbers, college goers to RJs (radio jockeys) is picking up this fashion to flaunt the trendiest look of the season.

Contrast of colors is a characteristic of geek fashion. Colors of geek fashion are as bold and vibrant as colors of spring. Apparels of bold colors, to say precisely two pieces of men’s outfits having no color match endow the youth with a geek look to sport. It is a far cry from the trend of pairing up a shirt with a trouser in terms of color. Black shirts with white trousers, white tees with blue jeans, and plain trousers with checked shirts are passé. The colorful geek fashion of the current decade is somewhat influenced by the fashion of the 1950s. Showbiz stars from Abhishek Bachchan to David Beckham are sporting a geeky image which is funky, funny, stylish and sensual.

Keeping with the ongoing geek fashion, t-shirts too have evolved in design and look. Yellow, orange, red and violet are no longer the colors suiting only youth fashion tees. Adults are taking fancy to these youthful colors in order to look different from the day-to-day image. Tees with unusual, bold captions like ‘f for fun & f for flirt’ makes a man geeky. Neither tight-fitting nor skin-hugging, tees are now a bit loose and long.

Geeky accessories, too, have a fair share of contribution towards popularizing the geek fashion. Casual hair dos rhyme well with thick rimmed big glasses. Adding a preppy look to the appearance is a pair of ankle-high trousers teamed with a pair of canvas shoes. Belts of multi colors and with striped designs are among cool accessories accentuating the geeky appeal. Belts of deep brown or black colors have nothing to do with geek chic fashion.

Girls can try knee-length skirts, loose cardigans, Bermuda shorts, black tights and rolled- down boots to look geeky. At present, Bollywood heartthrobs Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan are the great geek gods for the fashion savvy Indian youth. Geeky fashion and style is high on comfort quotient. Wear a geeky image and splash colors of your cool personality.

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