Recreating Bollywood’s Govinda Fashion in Real

I have never been a fan of Govinda who was one of the ruling Bollywood actors in the second half of the 1980s and the 1990s. Not only he but also his quirky fashion was popular when in I was in school. It caught the fancy of the boys older than me in the locality. Those having had no better fish to fry would try their best to ape their favorite style icon Govinda in their regular appearance by pairing shirts and trousers of contrasting colors.

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My appearance in this picture seems to recreate Govinda fashion in real or tag me as a Govinda fan. On my recent trip to Tirupati, I chose to wear a soft colored, printed shirt with loose fitting in sync with denim blue jeans so that I could brave the sun while climbing the Tirumala Hill by steps. I put on a Puma cap for the same reason. I accentuated my outfit (which was not intended to be a style statement) with a pair of sunglasses while posing for the camera.

In the photograph, my outfit and appearance resemble Govinda fashion, which was and is known for no mix and match. Govinda sent shock waves many times by unusually pairing a purple kurta with a red scarf, a white shirt with an orange tie, a fiery yellow t-shirt with a saffron cap, an army print blazer with purple pans, etc. in the reel.

I seem to recreate Govinda fashion in real with restraint on unusual brightness and colorfulness which Govinda flaunted on the silver screen.

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