One Day I Ended up Having Healthy Food at Bon Appediet Café in Hyderabad

I am a foodie. I am a food reviewer. I am a food blogger. Needless to say, a lot happens in the everyday life of a foodie or a food blogger from tasting multiple different dishes to exploring diverse food cultures. All these gastronomic activities conspire together to disfigure the physical outline and flatten the waistline of those in food blogging. I am not an exception though I restrict myself from going overboard.

The ordeal of being a food blogger is the difficulty to choose between hygienic food and unhygienic food. The food at polished restaurants may be hygienic but not necessarily healthy. For instance, a plate of dosa is undeniably hygienic at 3 star or 4 star restaurants rather than at roadside stalls, but it may not be healthy if the  butter or oil or ghee quotient is high. To be precise, healthy and hygienic food is a rare luxury for us.

Food bloggers and food reviewers like me are the victims of not having a choice unlike foodies who can choose what to eat and what not to eat. Surprisingly and luckily I ended up having hygienic and healthy food on an evening last week. On the way back to my office from Punjagutta, I spotted Bon Appediet which I previously came across on Facebook. It is a small cafe above Almond House, a landmark for foodies on Road no.3, Banjara Hills.

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Immediately I remembered one of their Facebook posts, which read “To all the HEALTH FREAKS out there, we are NOW OPEN! Do come and try our delicious, healthy and budget friendly meals. We are now live at Banjara Hills Road no 3.”

I visited Bon Appediet café to check if they did really serve something healthy or if I was health freak. I found this newly opened café decent though neither polished nor glitzy. I started exploring the menu and found it interesting. The menu features calorie counts of the dishes in different categories, including beverage, starter, main course, and dessert.

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Pesto Fish at Bon Appediet Cafe

I went on to check if the food was really healthy or if it was a gimmick. I started with a glass of juice and a small bowl of sprouts. It was a mocktail of carrot and watermelon with a mild zing of ginger. Usually strong ginger flavor is my preference. Anyway. It depends on our individual palates. The juice was fresh and naturally healthy.

The next was baked pesto fish which was served with a mix of super food. Brushed with olive oil and marinated with green chutney, the fish was very soft and little spicy. Needless to say how healthy it was. It was followed by grilled chicken with red pepper sauce. Since the spice quotient was low, the dish was nicely complemented with red pepper sauce. The chicken should have been a little more soft. However, I enjoyed both the fish and chicken.

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Grilled chicken with red pepper sauce at Bon Appediet Cafe

The pasta was too good. Cooked with wheat flour pasta, it was not sticky at all. I was told that it was cooked in a very little oil. What was healthy about the pasta at Bon Appediet café is its herbal seasoning. The taste was awesome.

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Wheat flour pasta cooked in a very little oil

Pancake was the last dish to end my evening with. It was what I liked the most at Bon Appediet café. The pancake was made from the flour of almond and nuts mixed with spinach paste. The pancake was so soft that it felt like melting in the mouth.

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Overall the food was a healthy affair. On further exploration, I came to know that only canola oil, olive oil and pomez oil are used in cooking. They use Himalayan salt with low sodium level. They source Italian and Jamaican herbs as spices for seasoning. There are basil leaves and mint leaves on their platter of ingredients.

With reasonably priced dishes, Bon Appediet café is one of the best for calorie-conscious foodies. If you know your calorie requirement, you can pick dishes from the menu accordingly. Or else, you can let your taste buds make choices.

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