These Aftermeals are Exotic Versions of Homemade Digestives in Our Grandmothers’ Pantry

Gone are the days when our grandmothers used to make aftermeal digestives on winter afternoons for the whole year. Somewhat tangy, somewhat sweet and somewhat salty taste of homemade churan, chutney, hazmola and pan masala would not only complement a meal but also boost the digestive health. Even guests were treated to such delicious aftermeal digestives from grandmothers’ repertoire.

In the current decade, those days are over in urban and semi-urban India. However, we are still in the habit of taking an aftermeal for digestion no matter if it is not made by our grandmothers. With the rapid pace of commercialization, homemade products from in-house pantries have hit the market. Goosebumps is one of the first players in having converted the tradition into a trend for urbanites like me.

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Goosebumps Pickles, a leading online seller of homemade pickles, has launched exotic aftermeal digestives this festive season. Available in packages of different sizes, the variety of Goosebumps aftermeals ranges from exotic kiwis, cranberries, plums, pomelos and cherry tomatoes to desi oranges and ginger with authentic masala.

I got a packet of seven different aftermeals from Goosebumps Pickles. This pack is specially designed for gifting on Diwali and other occasions. On tasting, I found each of the aftermeals a unique preparation with a distinct flavor as claimed by Goosebumps Pickles. Seasoned and splashed with a mix of authentic spices, the aftermeals gave goosebumps to my taste buds and added a zing to my digestive health.

Goosebumps’ aftermeals made from slices of dried ginger, orange, cherry tomato and cranberries tasted like an exotic version of the bygone days’ homemade digestives, while the kiwi, plum and pomelo aftermeals were absolutely new to me. Some of the aftermeals in the packet which I received from Goosebumps Pickles felt familiar to me as the digestives made by my late maternal grandmother in Bengal.

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What I liked the most about Goosebumps Aftermeals is that the individual flavor and taste of fruits are retained in the drying process and the blend with spices.  

I think; a pack of such delicious aftermeals from Goosebumps Pickles is the best alternative to usual Diwali gifts like dry fruits and chocolates which we exchange with neighbors and relatives every year. Made by women under strict quality check and hygiene control in India, these exotic aftermeals would be the best surprise gifts. Give it a try at

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