Beware of Fake Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents to Evade Harassment and Monetary Deceit in USA

All the headlines on harassment of immigrants due to strict measures of immigration reform in the Trump administration are not true. There is no denying to the fact that the Trump administration is taking on inbound immigration across the border and based on foreign employment legally as well as officially, but few Americans are taking advantage of the current socio-political scenario to harass minority communities of immigrants.

Since Donald Trump’s victory in the US elections 2016, they have been faking the identity of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to trick immigrants into paying money. One American has managed to amass a whopping $70,000 by deceiving immigrants under the pretext of Donald Trump’s disciplinarian take on illegal immigration.

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One of the most recent incidents of immigrants’ harassment in unfair ways involved a Washington post employee, who was able to make his girlfriend, a Virginia detective, believe that he was a federal agent. In another incident of impersonation and fraudulence, a 35-year-old resident of Maryland pretended to be an ICE agent and threatened a few people smoking outside a local café of grim consequences if they didn’t drop their cigarettes immediately.

He even crept into the Falls Church Police Criminal Investigations Office, under the fake appearance and sat comfortably in front of a computer with a keyboard in his lap. Evidently, it pointed to the existing flaws in the security system of the police department. When his house was raided later on, a police badge, a police radio, body armor and several firearms were discovered.

Such incidents of impersonation and fraudulence in USA prevailed even before Donald Trump came to power. An American citizen named Michael Ruiz was put behind the bars for cheating immigrants of $200,000 before Trump’s electoral victory. After a short hibernation till Trump’s presidential triumph, he started pursuing the same crime. He made false promises to undocumented immigrants for providing social security numbers, citizenship documents and driver’s licenses.

Michael Ruiz provided a few undocumented immigrants with the social security numbers of the deceased by pretending to be an ICE agent. He even managed to extract $46,000 from a legal immigrant by assuring him of expedited paperwork for legal status for his wife and children.

The incidents of impersonation and fraudulence in USA came to the notice of federal agencies as a result of the ongoing ICE raids to unearth impostors across the nation.

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