Indian American Father and Daughter, Both Doctors in USA, Died of COVID19

This Friday morning came with an utter shock to the global Indian community as COVID19 pandemic in the northeast USA claimed the lives of an Indian American father and daughter duo – Dr. Satyender Dev Khanna (78) and Dr. Priya Khanna (43). They were among the frontline warriors in the COVID19 fight across New Jersey and had relentlessly been treating the patients of Novel Coronavirus. New Jersey governor, Phil Murphy condoled over their unpleasant demise and described it as an irrecoverable loss.  

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Dr. Satyender Dev Khanna was a veteran surgeon and the head of surgical departments for several hospitals in the state of New Jersey. His daughter, Dr. Priya Khanna was a neurology specialist with a major in internal medicine. She was the Chief of Residents at Union Hospital in New Jersey. The father and daughter duo was committed to serving people. Their unflinching dedication is an exemplar of selflessness.

“Our words cannot amply express our condolences for the family dedicated to health and medicine,” New Jersey governor tweeted yesterday.

Indian American Dr. Satyender Dev Khanna is hailed as a ‘pioneering doctor’ as he was one of the first to have performed laparoscopic surgery in New Jersey. His colleagues have fond memories of him as a gentile and caring physician. He breathed his last at the Clara Maass Medical Center where he had treated people for more than 35 years.

Dr. Priya Khanna did all her medical studies in New Jersey and completed her fellowship in nephrology in South Jersey. She was also a medical advisor for two dialysis centers in Essex County, NJ and excelled in teaching junior doctors. The ICU physician who looked after Dr Priya Khanna after the latter contracted Coronavirus while treating COVID19 patients was taught and trained by her. Like her father, Dr. Priya worked and passed away at the Clara Maass Medical Center.   

The Indian American Khanna family is a family of doctors. Dr. Satyender Dev Khanna’s wife, Komlish Khanna is a pediatrician.  Their other two daughters are Sugandha Khanna, an emergency medicine physician and Anisha Khanna, a pediatrician. The entire Indian American community is mourning the loss in solidarity with the Khanna family.  

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