Gujarati dishes on Navaratri food menu

Knowledge of Indian culture is incomplete without the taste of Indian food. The festivals of India like Navaratri are the best times to have the best of Indian cuisine. Of the Indian communities, the Gujarati, the Rajasthani and the Bengali are known for their rich festive food culture. The Navaratri food menu of veg recipes, cooked in the Gujarati households, is a must mention. Rajgire ka thepla, Rajgire ki kadhi, Rajgire ki puri, Sabudana khichdi, Singhara ke pakode, Soma rice, Tomato char, Sabudana Wada, and Alu sukha bhaji are some of the most delicious Indian dishes on the Navaratri menu, served by Khandani Rajdhani at its outlets.

Rajgire ka puri

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Sabudana khichdi

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Rajgire ka thepla

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Soma rice

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Sabudana wada

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Singhara ke pakode

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Images and inputs from Khandani Rajdhani

Khandani Rajdhani, one of the leading Indian food brands, serves authentic vegetarian dishes from the diverse Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisines. Khandani Rajdhani has made an epic history of 5 decades in entertaining foodies with 22,464 Indian dishes on as many as 72 menus.

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