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Anjallee & Arjun Kapoor fashion shows, India Beach Fashion Week Goa, Indian ethnic fashion wearsThe internationally renowned designer duo Anjallee and Arjun Kapoor earned a standing ovation for their exclusive line of Indian bridal couture at Indian Beach Fashion Week 2015 in Goa. Their signature ensembles are believed to accentuate not only the beauty of Indian brides but also their confidence and personality. Anjallee and Arjun Kapoor have made it big as a brand label synonymous with the beauty, sophistication, luxury and aestheticism of Indian ethnic fashion. They have taken the bridal fashion of India from their flagship stores in Mumbai and Delhi to the international markets of Dubai and Hong Kong. They boast distinction of draping Bollywood divas like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Bipasha Basu, Anushka Sharma, Hema Malini, Kangana Ranaut and others. SliceofRealLife catches up with the designer duo to share with you how they became an international brand, how popular Indian ethnic fashion is in overseas markets, what the USP of their label is, etc. The excerpts from the interview are as follows:

Indian ethnic fashion, Bridal fashion of India, fashion trends 2015, designers Anjallee & Arjun Kapoor, India Beach Fashion Week Goa How bright is the overseas market for ethnic fashion of India?

It is really good, because there is huge demand in foreign countries, as a lot of NRI’s are based worldwide. I have connected with people living in London, Dubai, New York, LA. Also these are destinations where a lot of Indians live and a lot of weddings take place. There is a huge market there.  

Your journey from scratch to the international level might have not been a fairy tale. Any inspirational story of how both of you carved a niche in the competition-driven Indian fashion industry….

Not at all… (laughs)  All that glitters is not gold, I was always inclined towards the fashion industry thinking its super glamorous & glittery. When as a child I was always inclined to the fashion scene, thinking it’s a very glamorous profession.

I always wanted to be in the glamorous business, whether it was the entertainment or fashion business, it was only when you enter you realise you have so much more to do then projected. Now that I’m into it, there’s no backing off, or running away. My creative genes come from my Mom, when I was studying in Delhi; I was 2 years in DPS Mathura Road. I used to go to work after school, I have gained a lot of practical knowledge that I imply. I think a lot of my knowledge really came from her. 

What does it take to make women look elegant and feel confident in ethnic wears, especially when fashion is an ever-changing phenomenon?

I think you should never let fashion overpower you. Go with things that suit your personality.  One thing that one should always keep in mind is maintaining good body posture and body language. Wearing clothes that suit your personality and that don’t overtake your personality. These are few things to keep in mind always while dressing up.

What challenges or difficulties did you face while internationalizing Indian ethnic fashion to dizzying heights of luxury through your unique designs?   

In international stores across worldwide, despite the briefing same things don’t work. Until and unless you start working on your collection, or start interacting with the clientele abroad,  Things that work in India, not necessarily work in cities Dubai, Hong Kong, New York. Mindset of people along with market trends abroad are of utmost importance to be taken care of.  With every country having their own set of rules & regulations, one must learn to adapt with them. Also sending your goods across is also a hindrance as it involves a lot of customs, etc. There is huge expense involved while having stores across the globe. Labour is the cheapest in India. You have to balance it out and be competitive in a very volatile manner.

What is the USP or mainstay of your fashion label “Anjallee & Arjun Kapoor”?

We make a lot of Wedding couture. All our clients love our detailed ornamentation & cuts.  An Anjallee & Arjun Kapoor Bride is very glamorous bride who is very sure of herself, and confident enough to carry off the clothes we make.

These days, marketing is the key to exposure and expansion across geographies. What is the marketing recipe for your signature couture brand?

When a bride comes to me, I make sure am able to give her ample amount of options to choose for her various wedding occasions like her reception, cocktail, mehendi, sangeet, etc all wedding days. I always offer them something new to the clients, new designs. So there is no stagnation setting in for the client.

You have reached out to Dubai and Hong Kong besides having flagship stores in Delhi and Mumbai. Is the USA your next target?  

We had a store in New York, but unfortunately we could not manage that. Our expansion plans have LA in mind. I’ll be visiting LA every month.

How is response from the Indian Diaspora to your lines of bridal fashion?  

Very good. As we do a lot of fusion looks, which goes very well with their sensibilities. Our clients enjoy wearing our clothes.  They love the colours we use.

What are your expectations from showcase of your ensembles at India Beach Fashion Week this year?  

I wasn’t expecting much, as Goa was not really our target audience. But my whole purpose of participating was media awareness, eventually every event that you are a part of adds to your branding process. I got a fabulous media response, that’s what I was really looking forward to. thanks Anjallee & Arjun Kapoor for the opportunity to interview them, and wish them all the best for their upcoming fashion shows. 

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