Interview of Shweta Brijpuria, author of Dark White

Shweta Brijpuria interview, author interviews, Sliceofreallife online magazine, Dark White storyLife is all about uncertainty. No course of life can be predicted. The most impossible may happen at any time. Even the things to achieve easily can go beyond reach. Where does a fight with the stars, inner fears and fate lead to? Shweta Brijpuria’s Dark White is all about that. An honors graduate in mathematics and MBA in marketing, Shweta Brijpuria is a brand manager. She debuted as an author with her belief in the power of imagination and creative storytelling. SliceofRealLife catches up with the author to share with you her believes, views, and some glimpses into the literature of Madhya Pradesh. The excerpts from the interview of Shweta Brijpuria are here:

 Would you like to share something about the book?

DARK WhITE is a thriller that unfolds the suspense as it moves on. Characters in it; ‘The Scorpios’ born just one day after the other have their own shades to add to the DARK story of WHITE. It’s about their friendship, betrayal and Karma. They have inner fears, and their fight is against these fears. DARK WhITE is all about how they fight, what they achieve and how they achieve.

Who or what inspired you to venture into the world of literature? 

I have been writing poems as a child and wanted to become a Philosopher when was in school, until I realized that Philosophy can’t be mastered through reading. It comes with genuine experience and the beauty of it is expression, which is what Literature is all about. The moment this thought struck my mind I decided to venture into the world of Literature.

What motivated you to weave the story of Dark White around the maxim “Man makes his own destiny”? 

Everything that exists has a reason behind it, a story could be a suspense thriller, but even that thrill has a motivation to exist. Karma is a step towards creating one’s own destiny. WhITE is what a person aspires and the DARK is the path he chooses.

Who is the protagonist of the novel? How have you portrayed the protagonist in sync with the plot development?

Protagonist of the Novel is – Keval Kishore Rajput, ‘Scorpio Master Mind’ of ‘The Scorpio group’. The story begins with his death and goes back and forth between the past and present of the six other members of ‘The Scorpio group’. The story moves on his role in each person’s life, its complexity, good times and their efforts towards getting out of the situation where they are stuck.

Dark White is your debut novel. What challenges or difficulties did you face while writing the book? 

The most difficult part is to ‘Believe’ that you can write. The moment I overcame this fear, DARK WhITE, my debut Novel was complete for publishing.

How much of a fiction is Dark White? Does it have anything to do with your real-life experiences? 

It is a complete Fiction, nothing of the characters has resemblance in terms of the role played by them, though some interesting incidents are taken from the real life and fabricated thoroughly to gel with the story line.

Are the characters of the novel fictional ones? Are they inspired by real-life personas? 

A few characters are picked from some people I know, in terms of their look and behaviour but they are packaged as a combination of many identities in one to justify their role in the story.

How rich is the native literature of Madhya Pradesh? 

Madhya Pradesh is home to many renowned writers. Our National Language can be read and heard in the most pure form in Madhya Pradesh, a tint of Urdu garnishes the flavour and richness of Literature here. Literature is a way of life; a way of expression. Acharya Rajnish is from Madhya Pradesh, Pandit Makhan Laal Chaturvedi, Mahadevi Verma, Sharad Joshi, Kaif Bhopali and many more writers have made remarkable contribution to enrich the literature of India.

Who or what nourished your imagination and creativity?  

Basically a poet I had an inclination towards this world. When you let you mind free to connect with things around and weave them to the power of your ability to think, one enriches creativity. This is what happened with me, when I was home, it was only a few poems with little different perspective, but when I learnt more about life those perspectives started to enrich my creativity and imagination. Its only time and experience that helped me nourish them.

What is your next move as an author?   

I am already working on my next book, which would soon hit shelves of book store. As a diversified writer and Author this move is towards a light comedy with a social message. thanks Shweta Brijpuria for the opportunity to interview her and wish her all the best for the next book! 

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