Is there any film award for Kolkata

We saw the best of Kolkata on Indian celluloid in 2012. Kolkata played an important character in two Indian movies 2012 – one Bollywood movie Kahaani starring Vidya Balan in the lead and another National Award winning Bangla movie Abosheshe starring Rupa Ganguli as central character. The city of Kolkata is the backdrop, the plot and the soul of these two blockbusters.

vidya balan in kahaani, bollywood movies 2012, bangla movie, national award winning movies, film award  ceremonies, kolkataSujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani depicts the journey of Vidya Balan’s character from the DumDum Airport in North Kolkata to a locality in South Kolkata through twists and turns in the middle or central Kolkata. The story of Vidya Bagchi’s quest of revenge for the death of her husband is intermingled with the spirit of Kolkata. Underground Metro rail, Kumor Tuli, making of Durga idols, puja pandals, beatings of dhaks, sindur khela, dhunuchi nach, Durga idol immersion, Howrah Bridge, serpentine lanes with crumbling buildings in Central Kolkata dominate the visual content of the movie. No exaggeration to say that Kahaani is a visually vibrant portrait of Kolkata. Moreover, Bob Biswas, one of the most famous onscreen characters in Bollywood movies, belongs to this city.

If Kolkata is a dangerous city (according to Bob Biswas) in Kahaani, it is a soulful city in Abosheshe. If the city thrills in the former, it throbs in the latter. Soumya, only son of Rupa Ganguali’s character Suchismita left for Sanfrancisco with his father when he was a child. He comes to Kolkata after two years of his mother’s death. He discovers her and explores her world that is Kolkata through her letters and diaries. He gets to know Kolkata and comes close to it while identifying himself with his mother’s feelings and emotions, likes and dislikes. In the words of Rupa Ganugli’s character, “the city grows on you like another being; it is perhaps not explainable in words; one has to feel its existence within”. Abosheshe portrays a rare combination of the ancient self and the cosmopolitan self of the city. This National Award winning Bangla movie would have remained incomplete without Kolkata as a character integral to the plot.

The season of film award ceremonies has finally arrived with the fall of New Year 2013. Filmfare Award, National Award, Ananda Puraskar and several other award ceremonies are in the queue. There are awards for the best film, the best director, the best song, the best actress, the best actor, the best villain, the best cinematography and the best screenplay. Is there any film award for the best city on the silver screen? If there is any, I am very much sure, Kolkata will bag one.    

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