Try This New Italian Menu at Westin Hyderabad This Festive Week for Exotic Celebration

These days we flaunt exotic fashions on desi occasions. Why not try some exotic food this festive season! One of the best Italian restaurants in Hyderabad, Prego at The Westin Hyderabad presents a special handcrafted menu of authentic Italian dishes for healthy dining. To be continued till 29th October, the menu is designed by Master Chef Roberto Boiggo, an Italian culinary brand ambassador. At the preview session, he interestingly narrated what makes the dishes on the menu so special for foodies.

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The new Italian menu at Prego, the Westin Hyderabad, begins with a cheese topped pudding which kicked off my gastronomic ride with lots of excitement for the rest of the menu. Named Asparagus Pudding and Taleggio Cheese Sauce, the soft cheese pudding was a pure delight to my culinary senses.

The menu has got a yummy vegetable soup which is the best thing to have especially when a feeling of cold is nipped in the air of the city. Minestrone Ala Genovese served with pesto sauce was neither thick nor thin. Full of chopped vegetables, the soup made me feel warm. I enjoyed each laddle of the Italian soup at Prego.

Agnolotti Alla Monferrina is the main attraction of Chef Roberto Boiggo’s Italian menu at Prego. A wonderful version of pasta from the Chef’s native place in Italy, Agnolotti Alla Monferrina did wonder in not only taste but also presentation. On exposure to the air, the pasta loses its moisture and becomes dry. That’s why it was served covered in the fold of a piece of cloth. I had to pick a piece of pasta and cover it immediately until I finished it. What a great fun!

Double Wafer Marinara Pizza is another highlight of the menu that deserves a special mention for its rich seafood toppings. Topped with tuna, prawn, crab and squid in the layers of pesto and tomato sauce, the pizza was crusty and soft. I grabbed bites with my eyes open and relished each bite with my eyes closed. A true-hearted Italian pizza!

The new Italian menu at Prego, The Westin Hyderabad, offers two dishes to choose from in the main course: Polento Con Peperonata and La Cotoletta Impanata. The former is a dish of polenta cubes steeped in bell pepper sauce, and the latter is a fried chicken dish served with rosemary potatoes and some green sauce for enhanced taste. I had the vegetarian choice in the main course and found it pretty good.

My gastronomic ride over the Italian food came to an end with a Dessert Sampler which comprises Tiramisu and Pannacotta. I got to know from my foodie fellows that Tiramisu is unique to the culinary fame of Prego. Really, it suited my palate too. Pannacotta added a few more moments to my Italian affair at The Westin Hyderabad.

  • Location: Prego, Westin Hyderabad, Hitech City, Hyderabad
  • Contact Number: 67676767
  • Duration: Till 29th October, 2016
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