Jamai Sasthi Men’s wear, a flashback on Indian fashion for men in Bengal

bengal fashion wear, indian fashion tips, sarbari dutta, men's fashionFashion and festival are inseparable. The same rings truer for Jamai Sasthi. It is an ancient Bengali custom. Jamai means son-in-law in Bengali language.  Much before the occasion knocks on the door, one can watch the in-laws go frenzy to purchase beautiful dresses for both meye (daughter) and jamai. Without a very few exceptions, generally saree (a nine yard traditional drape for Indian women) is gifted to daughters on any traditional occasion. However, today’s son-in-laws love to receive contemporary fashion wears like funky tees, branded shirts, etc.

This jamai sasthi – which will be observed on 27th of May – the in-laws can surely break this mundane gift code for their jamai babajiban. Of late, men too have learnt to experiment with their ensemble, accessories and color palate. It is really good to see that they are trying to match up to their female counterparts as far as fashion is concerned. No more predictable shows of drab looking checks and stripes, a refreshing statement has been introduced into the men’s fashion world.

Nowadays men are showing more interest for traditional wear during festive seasons and other ceremonies. Colorful dhoti-clad youth is not a rarity at wedding parties or jamai sasthi or festive season. They are equally attracted to intricately pleated dhoti, sherwanis, jodhpuris, kurta pyjamas and T-shirts. Dhoti or trousers paired up with long or short kurta has become a new-age rage with the youth and old alike. So the list is long and making a choice should not be a nail-biting factor.  And such a much change has been brought back by none other than Sarbari Dutta, a much revered name in men’s fashion world.bengal fashion wear, indian fashion tips, sarbari dutta, men's fashion

Indian fashion has changed a lot since the last decade. A looking back to our rustic past and rich culture has successfully revived the old fashion fiesta and blended it seamlessly with much-in-vogue clothes. Colonialism has enslaved us to western fittings most of which are almost ‘just like others’ with little or nil dissimilarities to stand out from the rest. An effort made on part of some much acclaimed fashion designers has been a real breakthrough to challenge this comfortably long-lived colonial hangover. So, you can see a lot of harmonious hobnobbing of Indian fabrics and themes with western attire. With no end of imagination in sight, everything from floral motifs, nature to mythological concepts, abstract arts are used on the dress canvas to dramatize the appeal and personify the men’s look.

The Gen Y wants a generous splash of colors on their dresses whereas the old want a sophisticatedly simple look. For both the brackets, there is a plenty of items on sale in the shopping malls and at the street corners too. Men’s fashion has undergone a sea change and the very concept of masculine color has taken a backseat for ever. So instead of black, grey, navy blue and pale blue colors, you can expect to get a kaleidoscope of dazzling colors dominating the fashion season for men’s brigade. However, before you buy anything for your son-in-law, it is better to know his choice.

sarabari datta's ment's fashion, sarbari datta collection, bengali fashion, indian fashionFor the high spenders, designer collection can be an elegant touch to spruce up one’s wardrobe’s pile. For those who can’t dare to bare their pocket, finding less expensive items won’t be a wild goose chase. The stitch works are being revived and recreated on men’s kurta. So, you can find a lot of Kantha, Jardousi, gujrati, parsi and other much praised needle works. Block prints, Brush painting and beads too are being used to give a touch of exclusivity to the menswear.

Indian fashion ethnicity is rich in high quality fabric, bright colors and fine embroidery. And when the very best of all these is mixed the outcome is far beyond your fertile imagination. That same rich tone of fashion heritage is making a pompous come back slowly and steadily. Sherwanis, dhotis, kurtas and jodhpuris made in bright shade are whirling in popularity. Greet this resurrection of great Indian fashion style; sense and sensuality by giving your son-in-law a piece of traditionally trendy outfit this jamai sasthi!

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