JOVE launches a range of comfortable stylish flip flops for women

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Fashion and colors are synonymous. Offering dollops of comfort to the feet and adding colors to their appearance is the latest range of Flip Flops, stylish and vibrant, from JOVE brand that Pious Fashion boasts. JOVE is the footwear brand to reckon with for its splashes of colors that are visible in the newest footwear designs for girls and women. The recent launch of JOVE footwear accessories for women comes alive in wonderful color combinations – red and silver, black and silver.

The brand identity of JOVE footwear designs is easily recognizable for exceptional colors – cherry red, bold black, hot pink and dark blue, adding to the glam quotient of beauties on all occasions. Available in different patterns and styles, this collection is sure to be a pride of women who need such flip-flops a comfortable walk in style. JOVE flip-flops will make your friends feel envy of your choice.

With foot beds crafted from quality leather, comfortable stylish footwear models for women promises durability. Black leather flip-flops styled with metal bracelet and embellished with flower motifs, the newest footwear designs ooze oomph of exclusivity. Affordably priced at Rs. 899, each of the JOVE footwear designs in the collection is sure to be a hit on marketplace.

The soft rubber design of JOVE flip-flops is a remedial solution for those who are affected with tendonitis, as it ensures the health of feet by keeping sweat away. JOVE’s light weight slippers not only flaunt attractive colors but also pack in comfortable features, meant to keep the feet stress-free. “Our latest range of comfortable stylish footwear for women features a superb anti-slip facility that is the grip of the pad to help women walk down the uneven surface of roads in the monsoon season,” says Arun Vajpayee, the Director of Pious Fashion eloquently.

Price: Rs. 899/

Available: Shoe Tree, Reliance Footprint

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