Have Stoned Ice Creams with Indian Desserts at this New Pinky Ice Cream Parlor in Hyderabad

Fusion food is a craze of the time with foodies in Hyderabad. They equally savor traditional Hyderabadi food, food from other Indian cuisines and fusion delicacies. Metropolitan foodies have gone intercontinental to seek global flavors with desi twists. Recently, McDonald’s India introduced McAloo Tikki burgers to appeal to the local palates. Likewise, Kones & Stone has infused Indian desserts into their stoned ice cream preparations.

A brand new ice cream parlour in Hyderabad, Kones & Stone has both regular and uncommon flavors in the offing, which are not limited only to seasonal fruits. Unlike other brands in the stoned ice cream category, Kones & Stone has gone beyond seasonal fruity flavors to Indianize their creations with traditional local desserts like gulab jamun, rasmalai, khubani ka meetha and gajar ka halwa.

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Interestingly named Gulabo, the ice cream with a luscious gulab jamun atop is the mainstay of Kones & Stone in Hyderabad. This is what I liked the most on my first visit to this newbie at Gachhibowli. Besides a piece of gulab jamun perched on the top, another piece of this popular Indian dessert was mashed and blended with this popular Indian dessert.

Rasmalai ice cream and ice cream with khubani ka meetha are other two wonders in this category. Both are as delicious as Gulabo. They are prepared the same way as Gulabo is made. Either of these is topped with and blended with those traditional Indian sweets. I am sure; khubani ka meetha ice cream will make its way to the palate of foodies in Hyderabad.

The nutty flavor of Kones & Stone ice cream is worth mentioning for its richness and unique blending. The ice cream was topped and mixed with loads of crunchy nuts. Naturally, the taste was awesome. There are various chocolate flavors on the menu at Kones & Stone.

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You can have extra toppings with any of these Indianized versions for an additional price. That won’t add much to the bill since the pricing is very reasonable.

Kones & Stone has got a few flavors especially for kids. The ice cream with colorful cubes of jelly is the one that kids can’t help craving. I tasted it but it fell short of satisfaction to my mature taste buds. However, kids will surely like it. Besides, there is a variety of beverages including juices and smoothies.

There is a small seating arrangement with a canopy just outside the outlet. It will be fun having stoned ice creams with desi twists on breezy evenings and wintry morning here.

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