Legendary menu for legend Sachin at Road House Bluez in Mumbai

Menu at Road House Bluez, Mumbai restaurants, food and drinks

Situated in Andheri West, Road House Bluez is inviting patrons stay glued to the big screens to catch Sachin Tendulkar in action for the last time during the 200th Test from November 14-18.

Road House Bluez has designed a special menu called, ‘Legendary Menu for Legend Sachin’, which will feature Sachin’s favourite dishes – Straight Drive (Bombil Chilly), Square Cut (Chicken Rajasthani Kebab), Leg Glance (Kung Pao Chicken), Pull Shot (Mushroom with Cheese), Sweep Shot (Orange Schezwan Paneer), Dancing down the Ground for Six (Prawn Curry) and many more, according to Ravish Shetty, Co-Founder, Road House Bluez.

Road House Bluez is Mumbai’s ultimate destination for drink and food, but is known for its collection of rock and retro music from the era gone by till date. “Apart from being a brand ambassador of cricket, Sachin is a massive foodie and an immense music lover. Road House Bluez is the perfect venue to pay tribute to the Little Master,” says Mayur Shetty, Co-Founder, Road House Bluez.

The five-day offer at Road House Bluez begins from November 14 to 18 between 12 noon to 6 pm.

Sachin fans can be a part this small way of saluting the Little Master and witnessing the final Test match at Road House Bluez. “Sachin bids adieu to cricket as the holder of a plethora of world records, including the only batsman to score 100 international hundreds and this is a small way to tribute to him,” informs DJ Willis, Co-Founder, Road House Bluez.

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