‘Lungi’ dance of Indian politicians

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In India, the political opponents have been playing holi smearing each other’s face with dark, dirty colors for a long time before arrival of the actual festival. The most active holi players are the leading parties’ candidates contesting for the Prime Minister’s hot seat. Besides playing the dirty game of colors, they have been performing a “lungi” dance by untying the knots to reveal each other’s secrets. The ‘lungi’ dance of the politicians has been tickling the ribs of a global audience.

Rahul Gandhi has been rocking the floor by showing some of his best ‘desi’ moves such as making fun of Narendra Modi’s humble background and crowning him with the infamous title “the Hitler of Gujarat”. An ardent harbinger of women empowerment and youth employment in India, Congress’s most aspiring PM candidate does not miss a single opportunity or occasion to pull the legs of his competitor. Recently, he accused NaMo (the social media abbreviation of Narendra Modi, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate) of having stolen farmers’ land for industrialists.

The AAP leader and ex-CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal prefers to perform the ‘lungi’ dance in public places, causing hurdles to the traffic of mango (aam) commuters. On 12th March, he brought the tempo of Mumbai’s suburban railway to a standstill by riding a passenger train from Andheri to Churchgate during his prime ministerial campaign in Maharashtra. Rocked by the awful moves of his party, the metal detectors at the bustling Churchgate Station were toppled. As per the latest headlines, he has locked his horns with media over corruption charges against the latter.

Mamta Banerjee, CM (didi) of Bengal, is the latest contestant for Lok Sabha elections against the ‘lungi’ dance performing dadas and babus. Nominated and backed by Anna Hazare, Didi attacked Narendra Modi in the rally at Ramlila Grounds this 12th March. Thanks to God, she did not call him a Maoist. Let’s see how Anna Hazare choreographs Didi’s moves and how Didi performs with her ‘Star’ power.

Narendra Modi, the mightiest contestant for the hot seat in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2014, is flying like an eagle and observing the ‘lungi’ dance of his rivals from high on. Let’s see who wins the most coveted title “The Best Performer”.

Keep watching the most entertaining holi, dirty & lungi dance of the Indian politicians.

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