Mantra Gold Coatings Redefines Cultural Significance of 24 Carat Gold-plated Artifacts in Hyderabad

Gold symbolizes purity, spirituality and good luck in Indian culture. Since the time immemorial, gifting gold or gold-plated things on social and religious occasions has been a customary tradition in the social history of India. Gold coins were not just valuables but also the currency in the ancient eras of India. But in the 21st century, people tend to buy and gift fancy items which are fragile, delicate and not durable under the influence of growing cosmopolitan culture. However, few brands like Mantra Gold Coatings strive to preserve and promote this age-old Indian tradition.

Mantra Gold Coatings launched its first retail store in Hyderabad this year but it has been operating to reset the magic of Indian bronze art and redefine the cultural significance of gold-coated artifacts since 1998. The brand has been associated with over 2000 major temples including Sabrimala in Kerala and Iskcon in Bengaluru. Mantra Gold Coatings’ retail store in Hyderabad is a one-stop shop for decorative items, gift items, dining ware, life-size idols, showpieces, household temples, etc. with 24 carat gold coating.

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I visited the Mantra Gold Coatings store at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad two weeks back. I was surprised to see a hugely varied collection of life-size idols, delicately carved showpieces and mind-blowing gift items all in glitters of gold. The 24 carat gold-plated statues of Lord Buddha, Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Lord Narayana, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati, Lord Venkateswara and others were so enchantingly beautiful that it spellbound me for a while. They seemed eloquent to speak to me.

There are not only idols but also entire pooja room sets with large lamps. Made of brass, copper, nickel and marble, the objects on display from small figurines to giant statues are highly aesthetic specimens of excellent craftsmanship. The price ranges from 100 rupees to a few lakhs. Interestingly, Mantra Gold Coatings offers warranty of five years on gold coating of the products, irrespective of size and price. If the products are properly taken care of, gold coating may last longer than a decade. On top of that, gold coating comes with lacquer finish which protects it from tarnishing.

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The gold-coated idols of gods, goddesses, and mythical figures are so lively that you can’t help feeling positive and divine. No matter whatever product you choose to buy for your home, it will brighten the interior and make the ambience feel good. The merchandise includes everything. If you have something on mind for the drawing room or bedroom or balcony or a corner of your house, Mantra Gold Coatings’ Hyderabad store will not let you leave empty-handed.

There are handcrafted flower vases, baskets, paperweights, wall hangings, and figurines in the collection as well. Some of the products feature a fancy look with unmatched panache, which is sure to add a zing to the contemporary interiors of your home. Mantra Gold Coatings places orders with artisans directly from customers. The best thing about shopping for statues, idols, pooja set and large figurines at Mantra Gold Coatings is customization. You can get few products customized as per your likings and requirements.

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