I Wore These Simple, Sober Looks from Fashion Big Bazaar for My Valentine

Bygone are my days of wearing bright, vibrant, super funky, motley looks on Valentine’s Day in college. Those were the days to turn heads on and impress the fairer sex with funky fashion statements, no matter how uncomfortable they were. In my 30s, I prefer simple, cozy clothing over mix and match outfits. My current lookbook is more about simplicity, sophistication and comfort rather than mere styles and fleeting fads.

No wonder why I chose these sober looks from Fashion Big Bazaar this Valentine’s Day, rhyming with what defines my outlook to everyday life.

Summer is an uninvited, unexpected guest in Hyderabad. I doubt if the city has ever experienced the season of spring. With the passing of 31st January into 1st February, the sun stops smiling. It does not spare Valentine’s Day too. Naturally, heavy clothing was neither my choice for this occasion nor a seasonally fit.

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I handpicked this full-sleeve short kurta and donned it with a pair of Buffalo jeans. Though it’s pretty common in everyone’s lookbook, it made me look what my valentine thinks of me: a minimalist. It was really a comfortable fit for dating in a park or open-air lounge cum restaurant. I took fancy to this kurta for its blue color (my favorite) and the scribbling print on it at an FBB store in Hyderabad.

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My next look for Valentine’s Day was indefinably simple. This look had nothing to do with style or trend. It was all a matter of comfort. Those who detest even a mild feel of summer will agree with me and like it. This grey tee paired up with blue denim jeans is a very common yet coveted look. It made my skin breathe freely.

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Believe me or not, FBB stores in Hyderabad have got a great selection of printed t-shirts for boys and men. Some are sober, while some are uber stylish. Available in a great range of hues and designs, the tees are tempting buys because of a lucrative discount of 30%. Since yellow is one of my lucky colors, I picked this round-neck t-shirt with great difficulty from the collection (I felt spoilt for choice) and a Prussian blue short for a cool dating in some resort on Valentine’s Day.

fashion big bazaar, men's fashion, fashion blogging

Trends come and go, but modi jacket will continue to rule the roost in Indian fashion. Even demonetization couldn’t take a toll on people’s obsession with modi jacket. On seeing the fresh merchandise of quality modi jacket fashion at FBB stores in Hyderabad, I couldn’t help adding one to my lookbook for my valentine. I chose a deep bottle green modi jacket to team up with a bright hued linen shirt. It equally scored in comfort and style.

FBB stores in Hyderabad and other cities are always up with a fabulous merchandise of men’s fashion in different categories including casual, formal, semi casual, party wear, traditional and likes. The collections are moderately trendy and reasonably priced to woo budget shoppers like me preferring sober looks for outing and dating. Yes, discount on most of the men’s fashion wears is an irresistible add-on.

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