Pink is no more a Monopoly of the Fairer Sex

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Many things have changed over past two years. The fairer sex has lost their monopoly on pink. Two years back, I spotted a pink shirt of khadi silk at a Fab India store in Hyderabad. It piqued my interest so much that I flirted with it in the trial room. But I did not buy it because I could not dare to wear pink apprehending a public assault in form of slant glances, hushed comments and giggly expressions towards me.

With male models and Bollywood actors coming out of the closet, men’s fashion has been redefining itself borrowing hues from the kits of the opposite sex. Harbhajan Singh donned a light-toned pink kurta with a turban and a jacket in rosy pink during the sangeet ceremony on the eve of his wedding. There was no single tinge of pink in Geeta Basra’s outfit for the same function.

There are many instances of celeb males’ defiance of age-old norms about pink in welcoming changes to their wardrobes, especially for social gatherings and public events. Saif Ali Khan elegantly paired his creamy white Afghan sherwani with a pink turban in his sister’s wedding last year. Not only Harbhajan and Saif Ali Khan but also Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, Varun Dhawan, Amir Khan and other male celebs have been spotted in different shades of pink. Pink is no more exceptional even to Big B of Bollywood.

men's fashion trends, bollywood fashion, pink fashion

It makes me wonder if pink is too girlie to suit machismo and masculinity. If pink had overshadowed men with feminine grace, the kings and rulers in the princely states of India would not have worn pink turbans. Pink was a common color in the outfits of males in the bygone royal eras of India. How pink became a monopoly of the “She” community is a long story.

Pink is commonly associated with love, tenderness, sweetness, delicacy, happiness, fun, buoyancy, glamour, vivacity, vibrancy, etc. These human attributes are not limited to a particular gender. Bright shades of pink with deep tones imply passion, sensuality, love and lust which both He and She have in common.

Pink is a rosy color signifying happiness. If everyone has the right to be happy about their look and appearance, why not make pink is a unisex color? Let’s not get our male vanity hurt whenever we wear pink.

In 2014, Japanese designer Kaku Nishioka launched a line of feminine bras, underwear and thongs for straight guys, not gays. We Indian men can, at least, accept pink in our day to day lives. Pink is not girlie enough to eclipse our machismo…

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