Mewa ki Kheer: a sweet experience this holi

Every day is a celebration of sugar and spice. And when it comes to the festivals in India, sweet spread is a must. Nothing special is complete without sweet add-ons. Festive fever is running high as Holi is about to reach with its colorful wishes. India is a land of colors and canvas. All the religious festivals in India are celebrated with equal enthusiasm. So, it is no wonder that everybody is waiting for an extra helping of love, blessing and last but not the least; some memorable sweet experiences!

Ready-made sweet are not a choice for this occasion. What everyone wants to savor is some sumptuous sweet surprises. Those who are quite tired of dishing out the same Kaju Barfee, Besan ki Laddu and likes, Mewa ki Kheer may be something they will like to try out. This dish is also known as Dry Fruits Kheer or Pudding. As rice and Grains are not used to make this Kheer, so you can have it on the days when you are fasting. Slice of Real Life shows you how to prepare Mewa ki Kheer.

Required Ingredients

1 liter Milk
50 gm Makhane (Lotus fruit)
50 gm Cashew Nuts
50 gm Dried Raisins
10 to 12 Almonds
10 gm Chironji (charoli)
100gm Sugar
5 to 6 Cardamom


Cut each lotus fruit or Makhane into four equal pieces.
Cut every cashew into 5-5 pieces.
Clean the removed stems.
Cut the almonds lengthwise into 7-8 pieces
Peel and grind the cardamoms

How to cook  steps

Boil milk in a bowl.
When milk comes to a boil, add the dry fruits.
Stir with a spoon and mix the ingredients well.
Cook the kheer on low frame until it gets thick.
Stir every 2-3 min. to prevent the kheer from getting lumpy.
The best way to be sure that if kheer is done, take one spoon of kheer and let it fall. If both milk and dry fruits are falling together, then it is done to the perfection.
For the finishing touch, add sugar to the bowl and cook the kheer for another 3-4 minutes. Turn off the flame
Add cardamom to the kheer and mix it well with a stirring spoon.
Pour the kheer in a serving bowl and serve it either hot or cold.

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