Misleading print promos of Teen Yaari Katha

teen yaari katha, slice of real life, online film magazine, bengali movies, bangal cinema, movie gossip,It seems from the posters of Teen Yaari Katha that the movie is all about three chaps’ fantasy about the next-door boudi played by Jun Malia. Sorry to say, the print promos are conveying a wrong message about the movie. I had watched the movie long before its theatrical release. It has a good storyline replete with slices of real life. The plot of the story revolves around three young bachelors, their struggle to make their ends meet, their love interests, their small desires, and their fantasy of the neighboring bhavi.

Teen Yaari Katha is a reflection of reality to the core. Sequences like three boys feeling itchy to see an adult magazine, waiting for a job interview letter, dreaming of the landlord’s daughter, peering through a hole to catch glimpses of a married couple’s intimacy, etc are very realistic. I shared a room with two other boys junior to me for two years. We had had all sorts of fun together. One of my roommates fantasized about a girl living next door. It is a mature movie for mature audience. It is not a tale of college guys’ mere fantasy about a girl or a married young woman. However, the print promos of TYK are misleading.

An elder cousin of mine is a fan of Bengali art films. Before going to catch an art movie, he seeks my opinion, if the movie is worth a watch or not. Naturally, he called me before going to watch Teen Yaari Katha. He showed disinterest in the movie and reasoned that it is all about three youths and a married woman. I dispelled his misconception and persuaded him to watch the movie.

Why are the print promos not in keeping with the real content of the movie? It is nothing but a trick to pique youngsters’ interest in the movie. This trick has been the latest trend in the cinematic entertainment industry. The adult content of a movie is sure to find space in print and digital promos. However, the print promos are in sharp contrast to the title of the movie “Teen Yaari Katha” or Tale of three friends.

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