My DilSeDesi Looks and Moments in Ethnic Outfits

Recently, Fbb – India’s Fashion Hub celebrated Desi days promoting desi fashion. I felt an itch to do my bit in response to the #DilSeDesi campaign, which gave me an opportunity to establish the fact that we can’t help being Desi in look, appearance, fashion and style. After all, we are Indians dil se. I curated some of my desi looks and moments to define my obsession with Desi fashion and to appreciate Fashion Big Bazaar’s #DilSeDesi campaign.

Let me tell you how integral kurta pajama sets are to my desi fashion. Be it a religious occasion or a family function or a pilgrimage with family, I make sure to look desi dil se. Without a set of cozy, monotone kurta pajama, I don’t feel like being part of a social gathering on our desi festivals or some pilgrimage.

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I chose to wear a sky blue kurta and accentuate the desi look with a semi ethnic jacket on my visit to Puri Jagannath Temple in January this year. It gave me a distinct appearance amidst a crowd of pilgrims in the temple complex and among the people on the Puri beach. When I was strolling on the beach with my hands pocketed in the black jacket on the light blue kurta, I felt my desi fashion in contrast with the glowing sands (It was noon).

I couldn’t think of any outfit other than the yellow kurta (in the above picture) when I visited Sri Aurobindo Ashram, at a walking distance from the Gandhi Beach in Puducherry, during my first solo trip. My packing for trips or tours or holiday vacations is incomplete without a kurta pajama set.

It is said that we should not wear black on Indian festivals like Holi or religious occasions like Dussehra. I don’t need to abide by such biased traditions to prove that I am a Desi dil se. I wore a short black cotton kurta on Dussehra last year to break stereotypes and paired it with navy blue denim to flaunt an Indo-western look.

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I chose a knee-length black kurta from FBB over other kurtas in yellow, orange, blue, white and green to wear a defying desi look for the Holika Dahan ceremony on the eve of Holi festival this year. Please don’t misunderstand me as a defiant or a rebel. I am as common as the people around me. But I have no inhibitions about my #DilSeDesi fashion with a defying difference.

Be it Independence Day or a film festival, I pick up a kurta pajama set from my collection of desi outfits to boast my Indian ethnicity. Not only what I do on 15th August but also what I wear for the Independence Day celebration reflects my pride of being an Indian. I make sure to look and feel #DilSeDesi on this historic day.

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I owe my #DilSeDesi moment on the inaugural day of 2016 Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival, a cinematic extravaganza, to the yellow kurta which is one of my prized possessions. To be precise, my desi look helps me be one with my Bong friends who are seen mostly in punjabi (kurta in Bengali) on religious festivities like Durga Puja, social occasions like Rabindranath Tagore’s birthday celebration and cultural functions like film festival.

No matter how modern we metropolitan Indians are, we don’t keep away from our desi avatars on such grand events as wedding. Indian weddings are spectacular events full of gleams and glitters. If I don’t wear a heavy kurta with a touch of luxury for ceremonies of a close cousin’s wedding or a relative’s wedding in the extended family, it makes me feel dull despite so much glamor around me.

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The exclusive kurta with golden aura (on left in the picture above) gave me a complete #DilSeDesi look on the musical evening (a pre-wedding sangeet ceremony) during the wedding of a close friend of mine. It was in sync with the splendour of the musical evening.

I put on a grand #DilSeDesi look from head to toe on my wedding day. Everything from the headgear to the sherwani to the traditional jooti was desi in my wedding fashion collection. A glimpse of me sitting on the horse to leave for the bride’s place is eloquent enough to speak the rest about my #DilSeDesi fashion.

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