Indian IT Firms Should Hire Americans and Stop Using H1B Visa for Their Employees: Narayana Murthy

It seems from Infosys Cofounder Narayana Murthy’s response to the proposed H1B visa reforms in the Trump administration that the panic of Indian IT firms is just like a storm in a teacup. He opined that Indian software companies need to have a multicultural workforce. It will be possible if they start hiring the local talent in USA instead of sending their employees on H1B visas to their client locations in USA from India.

“Indian software firms must recruit American residents in the US, Canadians in Canada, British people in Britain etc. That’s the only way, we can become a true multi-national company and in order to do that, we should stop using H1-B visas and sending a large number of Indians to those countries to deliver services,” Narayana Murthy.

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Narayana Murthy’s uninhibited statement is in stark contrast with R. Chandrashekhar, the president of industry group Nasscom, is planning to prevent the tightening of noose around the inflow of foreign workers on the H1B visa program. R. Chandrashekhar is looking to initiate a discussion between the CEOs of India’s biggest IT companies and the high-level professionals in the Trump administration on what America would lose by imposing restrictions on H1B visa.

The Trump administration has issued an executive order to revise H1B visa and other employment related immigrant visas with emphasis on hiring Americans first. It pressed the panick button for India’s largest IT conglomerates including Wipro, TCS, and Infosys which are the biggest users of H1B visas.

Chandrashekhar is preparing a delegation of CEOs from the IT industry of India for a four-day visit to Washington DC from Feburary 20. He himself will join the delegation in a conversation with the US lawmakers at high levels. Furthermore, the Indian IT industry’s concerns over the proposed H1V visa reforms will be discussed during a meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump in June 2017, according to Nasscom President.

On the other hand, Narayana Murthy said in no uncertain terms that Indian software service companies should learn to work with non-Indian professionals in a multicultural environment and to get the best out them across the border instead of taking the soft option. He emphasized it as the ‘only way’ to cope with difficulties in the current and the upcoming scenario.

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