Middle and Lower Berth Passengers won’t be Allowed to Oversleep in Reserved Train Coaches in India

If you tend to oversleep or prefer lying over sitting for long hours during a long-distance train journey in India, you should keep your fingers crossed to get an upper berth while making reservation online now onwards since the Indian Railways has reduced the official sleeping time from 9 pm-6 am to 10 pm-6 am for passengers of middle and lower berths in reserved coaches.

Passengers on the middle and lower berths do often get into a tiff over seating and sleeping arrangements in reserved coaches of trains in India. Sometimes, a small argument leads to a tiresome quarrel if they don’t cooperate with each other. Some passengers on the lower berths oversleep or simply lie back (before and after the official sleeping time) leaving little space for passengers of the middle and upper berths to sit on, thereby causing discomfort to them. If passengers on the middle berths keep sleeping or lying at daytime or in the evening, it makes sitting difficult for passengers on the lower berths.

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In a bid to end this issue, Indian Railways has released a circular to reduce the official sleeping time by one hour in reserved coaches of long-distance trains. 10 pm to 6 am is the officially permissible sleeping time for passengers on the middle and lower berths, according to the circular. To be precise, you can only sleep between 10 pm and 6 am on your middle or lower berth for the sitting comfort of others in your compartment.

The new limit on the official sleeping hours in long-distance trains is applicable to all reserved coaches with sleeping accommodation, according to the Ministry of Indian Railways. The circular has also made it clear that passengers on the side lower berths may not share their seats with those on the side upper berths between 10 pm and 6 am.

However, certain passengers including the sick, the disabled and pregnant women are exempted from this restriction. They can sleep longer hours than the official sleeping time if they need.

The new provision empowers Travelling Ticket Examiners to resolve such arguments and quarrels by preventing the passengers at fault from oversleeping.

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