6 Reasons to Watch Amitabh & Deepika in ‘Piku’

Shoojit Sirkar’s Piku is going to see daylight on 8th May. From its trailers on YouTube.com, Piku seems to be a promising entertainer with emotive overtones and comic overtures. Shot in Kolkata, Piku is a poetry full of nostalgia. Those who have watched Shoojit Sirkar’s Vicky Donor are eager to know what makes Piku movie a must watch. Here are six reasons to watch Piku starring Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone and Irfan Khan.

Amitabh Bachchan Plays a full-fledged comic role

Piku movie story, Amitabh Bachchan role in Piku,  Piku movie cast

Another great performance by Big Bachchan! Amaitabh Bachchan’s challenging role of a free-spirit Bengali is surely going to add a new feather to his cap. I think, he is playing a full-fledged comic role in an absolutely different mood for the first time. He will be seen paddling a bicycle on the easy-going streets of Kolkata in Piku movie.

Deepika Padukone plays a simple Bengali girl

Deepika Padukone role in Piku, piku movie cast, Piku movie story

In Piku, Deepika Padukone is neither a hot babe from Abbas Mustan’s Race 2 nor a heavily clad Gujarati belle from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram-Leela. Deepika plays a simple Bengali girl with a very simple look, which has not been seen in her previous Bollywood movies. If Rituparno Ghosh were living, he would have been all praise of Deepika’s look in Piku. She wears short kurtis with little embroidery and flaunts a small bindi on her forehead.

Irfan & Deepika make a great pair with rocking chemistry

Bollywood movies, Deepiak & Irfan in Piku, Piku songs

The unusual pairing of Irfan Khan and Deepika Padukone makes an unavoidable reason to watch Piku. Such an unusual pairing of Ranbir Kapoor, a dashing dude, and Konkon Sen Sharma, a mature girl with dusky complexion, was seen in Wake Up Sid!, and their on-screen chemistry rocked. From the trailers of Piku, it seems that Irfan and Deepika make a great pair with rocking chemistry.

Piku is a father-daughter relationship story

Piku movie story, Piku movie cast

The story of Piku movie is the most powerful magnet. It is a story of father-daughter relationship with emotional touches and comic overtones at the same time. Several such relationship stories have been adapted into Bengali art films like Rituparno Ghosh’s Asukh and Unishe April, and Aparna Sen’s 36 Chowrangee Lane. Relationship-centric movies never fail to woo the audience.

Moushumi Chatterjee, veteran actress, is in the cast

Moushumi Chatterjee in Bengali films, cast of Piku movie

Moushumi Chatterjee, a veteran Bengali actress who worked with maverick filmmakers like Satyajit Ray in her prime days, is in the cast of Piku. She will be seen in Bollywood after a long time. Moushumi Chatterjee along with Amitabh Bachchan is going to entertain us with amusing dialogues about constipation.

Kolkata plays a character in Piku 

If the story is the life of Piku movie, Kolkata is the beating heart. Kolkata is not only a setting but also a character in Piku as it was in Kahaani starring Vidya Balan. The Howrah Bridge, tram line, hand-pulling rickshaws, old-age palatial buildings of red bricks with huge courtyards, Dalhousie, etc. add to the emotive power of the movie. Though the same wine in the same bottle, Kolkata is a new flavor every time.

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