Fashion through the eyes of Rituparno Ghosh

With Mahalaya on the day after tomorrow, the air is thick with the fever of festivity in Bengal. The construction of towering pandals, the making of lifelike idols, the noisy ambience of markets, and the busyness of Bengalis shopping for the best fashion of the year are reflecting the usual festive fervor of Durga Puja 2014. Many Bengali girls are wondering how to look on five days of Durga puja this year. I am sharing some of the best glimpses of evergreen Bengali fashion in Rituparno Ghosh movies.

Rituparno Ghosh, an unforgettable name in Indian Cinema, has left a legacy of not only Bengali art films but also traditional Bengali fashion. Each of the heroines in his Bengali movies embodies the sensuous, subtle and splendid beauty of Bengal. With all his sensitivity, he created, redefined, and internationalized Bengali beauty in all its simplicity. The adorable fashion of his heroines in Chokher Bali, Sob Charitra Kalponik, Antarmahal, Noukadubi, The Last Lear, Unishe April and Utsab is an inspiration for generations.  Why not take cues from the leading actresses – Bipasha Basu, Riya Sen, Soha Ali khan, Aparna Sen, and Preity Zinta – in each Bengali movie by Rituparno Ghosh?

bengali fashion, fashion in bengali movie, Rituparno Ghosh movies, riya sen in Noukadubi
Riya Sen in Noukadubi, a Bengali movie by Rituparno Ghosh
Bipasha basu in Sob Choritra Kalponik, Rituparno Ghosh movies, fashion in bengali movies
Bipasha Basu in Sob Choritra Kalponik, a Bengali art film by Rituparno Ghosh
Fashion of Soha Alik Khan in Antarmahal, Bengali fashion, Bengali movies
Soha Ali Khan in Antarmahal, a Bengali movie by Rituparno Ghosh
Fashion in Bengali movies, heroines of Rituparno Ghosh
Preity ZInta in The Last Lear, a Bengali art film by Rituparno Ghosh
Fashion of Bengal, Bengali actresses in Rituparno Ghosh art films, Indian Cinema
Aparna Sen in Unishe April, a Bengali film by Rituparno Ghosh
Fashion of Bengali women, fashion in Bengali movies, Durga puja fashion 2014
Arpita Chatterjee in Satyanweshi, a Bengali thriller by Rituparno Ghosh

Rituparno Ghosh revived and globalized the traditional fashion of Bengal in the times when most of the designers create cosmopolitan fashion for a greater market. He created a saga of fashion and beauty in Bengali movie.

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