Scarf: a trend of colorful winter fashion

Color, fashion and winter have become synonymous with each other. The words if combined together make ‘colorful winter fashion’. Scarf, an essential accessory complementing outfits in the cold season, is a trend of colorful winter fashion. Scarves have evolved into chic and classy fashion accessories from a mere protection against the blows of chilling cold. Indian scarves steal colors from blooming flowers, butterflies, lush landscape and the setting sun.

Over the years, scarf has undergone a string of transformations to emerge as an all-kind-of-outfit match. Indian scarves, stylish and versatile, rhyme with all sorts of woman wears like gowns and skirts. A single or multicolor scarf fairly teams up with bisexual wears like a pair of jeans.

Single color scarves dipped in peacock green, apple or watermelon red, sea blue, shiny black, fruity pink and creamy white look best with printed skirts. Adding an aura of sophistication to one’s persona are check-printed scarves with skinny jeans. Multicolor scarves steal the show when they are put on in contrast to single color outfits.

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