Shouger Merchant Doshi’s latest collection for IRFW 2012

IRFW 2012 Goa, Indian fashion shows, Shouger Merchant Doshi’s collectionWith the upcoming Indian Resort Fashion Week 2012 on November 28, Goa is going to be a hot destination for fashion designers and fashionistas from all over India. With the seasonal beauty and colors of nature in both Indian ethnic fashion and modern fashion outfits, the IRFW 2012 is expected to be a departure from other Indian fashion shows 2012. Of the participating designers, Shouger Merchant Doshi is going to unveil the beauty of Goa sunrise and sunset through the spectacular showcase of her latest ensembles – Indian and western. Hold on to your breath till the ramp walk of her collection captivates your senses.

Shouger Merchant Doshi’s collection – a painting of Goa sunrise and sunset

You might have toured to Indian resort destinations like Goa and Phuket, or enjoyed their natural beauties on the silver screen. Now get ready to be entertained with the colorful visuals of natural wonders – sunrise and sunset – captured by Shouger Merchant Doshi’s latest collection to be showcased at the upcoming session of Indian Resort Fashion Week in Goa. The collection is a painter’s pure imagination of the sky in all its shades and splendors from first light of the day to twilight.

The color palette of Shouger Merchant Doshi’s ensembles is rich, intense, vibrant and stunning. The designer has stolen the colors from each of the seasons – white, grey, pink, orange, blue, purple and peach – the colors that get mixed harmoniously to paint the beauty of the Goa sunset. The theme of the collection represents the designer’s journey from the exotic fashion to the Indian fashion through the fusion of both – uber-modern western styles and India’s cosmopolitan styles.

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