Shreya Sen a pregnancy photographer by choice

Shreya Sen belongs to the class of those woman entrepreneurs who believe in themselves, chase their aspirations, and embody the woman power in their personalities. Shreya Sen started her career as a Sales Coach for SAS, a multinational software company of Indian origin. After passing from New York University, Canada with a degree in Psychology, she assisted a psychologist while pursuing her studies at the same time. However, she decided to pursue her passion for photography and freeze the fleeting moments of human emotions into frames.

Throughout her journey as a professional, she has assisted R.Burman, the celebrity fashion photographer. She got a chance to learn from him and made the most of this opportunity. She earned a lot of experience while assisting Mr. Burman during various shoots for Elle, Vogue, Salon International, Filmfare, Grazia and FHM as well as print campaigns including Tres mode, Docomo and Monisha Jaisingh.

Her obsession with photography, the real people and real events took him to wedding ceremonies and family member including kids, ladies and especially pregnant women. Before the shooting starts, she makes it sure to know the person individually and makes them feel totally comfortable in front of lens so that she can arrest the hidden personality.

In her personal life, Shreya loves animals so much so that she bursts into tears after watching Grey’s anatomy. She devours everything from Harry Potter to Shantaram to Chuck Palahnluk. She loves music and a self-confessed food connoisseur. In addition to these, she loves to travel a lot and Goa is her favorite tourist spot. She has a dream to open an empowerment camp for women and children, some day in future. Until that happens, she wants to be focused on Get Ready and Click!

Pregnancy – it is a preamble of the most wonderful moment in a woman’s life. The journey from the time she conceives to the moment she gives birth to a tiny life is very much special for her. Every mood and moment is filled with emotive feel and is worth captivating in frames. Shreya Sen is an upcoming photographer who has done specialization in Maternity Photography. Till date, she has clicked many a lady with their baby bump and at the peak of their vigor.

The bond between a mother and her unborn baby is inexplicable in words. It is something to feel and cherish. However, sometimes women like to be photographed during these special days. These snapshots are something they consider as the treasured troves in their life. Shreya being always captivated by the celebration of birth and joy of motherhood has taken several photographs of the pregnant beauties in their own home. Being a woman, Shreya has always been keen to photograph the hidden beauty and pleasant expression on a would-be mother. Her lens has discovered the perfect balance of strength, sense and sensuality in a woman going through the most defining and happening moment of her life.

Interview of Shreya Sen: her views on photography and advice for budding photographers

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