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Do you remember the topic “My Best Friend” for a paragraph or essay, in the primary section of school? We were so innocent that we wrote about our best friends, their hobbies, likes and dislikes straight out of the heart, in those days. Today, I am going to relive my primary school days by writing about Nitish Chawla, one of my best friends.

I met him in Hyderabad last year. He was my roommate. We stayed together only for three months. Then he shifted to Gurgaon in North India. We became close friends and shared many things about ourselves in such a shot span of time. Even I did not hesitate to bare my mind to him. What I find the most fascinating about him is his cheerfulness and liveliness. He is an easy-going chap with happy-go-lucky attitude. He is one of the main characters in my story “A New Boy in the City”.

about my best friend, friendship stories, nitish chawla, real life stories He is fond of round-neck tees like Ranbir Kapoor’s character in Wake Up Sid! More than a dozen of tees of different bright colors – yellow, red, blue and black – are among of his precious possessions. He thinks that he can don different looks in round-neck tees till he is married. Once married, he will grow up, and round-neck tees will not suit him. Really, he looks a cool Sid in tees!

I have never seen such a Facebook junkie as Nitish. Most of the days, I opened the door to him when he would come back from work in the evening. I felt amused to see him wearing helmet, holding the smartphone with both hands and busy chatting on WhatsApp or Facebook. He took off his shoes, not the helmet and threw himself to bed with the phone in hands. Just imagine his obsession with Facebook. I had to say, “Take off the helmet, bro.”

Just hold a digital camera before him, and Nitish is ready to pose for clicks. Why not? He does have a photogenic face and appearance. He is a traveling selfie. Camera follows him wherever he goes. You won’t find a single photograph which he has not posed for in his Facebook albums.

What I appreciate the most about his hobby to be clicked is his smiling face in all photographs. He is eagerly waiting for my Nikon P520 to take his shots. He is the happiest man in the world when any of his pictures gets 100 or more Facebook likes. The moment it is the 100th like on a picture, his Facebook timeline shows “Happy is Happy”. He cheers for even little joys of life.

We both love ice creams. Whenever I felt like having an ice cream, he was all set to accompany me, even in the rains. Whenever he saw me sitting at desk (my home-based small workstation) and busy working on my laptop, he stood behind me and read one or two lines to have a feel of what I was writing. Then, he would comment jokingly that he could write better than I.

One day, he came back from office like a happy prince. For the first time, I was touched by his child-like innocence that day. He won the badge of the “Best Orator” for his one-minute impromptu speech on “What I want to be in life?” I seriously asked him what he said in the speech. He stood like a child in front of me and told me what the speech was, just as a child recites a rhyme eloquently.

It won’t be wrong to call him a foodie. He is a self-confessed non-veg. He loves eating grilled chicken and tandoori chicken so much that he swears by them. He feels hungry in every 3 to 4 hours. When he was in Hyderabad, he would cook something for himself in the late afternoon on weekends. If I happened to be taking an afternoon nap, he woke up me and asked me if I would like to share. Be it Maggie or bread omelet, he made sure to share with me. He is such a caring friend!

One morning, he woke up from sleep with a broad smile and a long face at the same time. He was happy because he dreamt of a very beautiful girl. He was unhappy because it was a very brief dream. He exuberantly expressed, Bhai, I saw a mast mast girl in dream.” I asked him what happened then and if he did anything with the dream girl. He replied in a sad voice, “Nahi yaar. The dream broke halfway.”

Nitish is sensitive enough to feel my different moods at different times. He is mature and practical though he has childlike innocence, a rare quality which we lose while growing up. Whenever I felt upset over major or minor issues, he could sense it. Like a brother he tried his best to cheer up me with some positive and practical talk.

I would like to share with you how he reacts to comic scenes in movies. We had gone to watch Shuddha Desi Romance last year. It was a houseful show during Ganesh Puja. I always react carefully in public. But he is carefree about it. I do not mean to say that he overreacts. He reacts in a carefree way just like a child. Out of laughter in reaction to some super comic scenes in the movie, he uttered “Are yaar”, which drew attention of the people sitting next to him and before us. I was amused too.

There are so many things to write about Nitish. This story has no end. It will continue as long as our friendship goes on. Happy Friendship Day to Nitish!

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