Interview of Writer Prachi Garg, Author of “Super Women”

writer Prachi Garg, Super Women book, Ghoomophiro, women entrepreneurs  Prachi Garg is a passionate writer, avid reader and diehard entrepreneur. She took interest in entrepreneurship on heady days of her college life. She founded, a travel enterprise for corporate professionals and solo women travelers. Being an entrepreneur herself, Prachi knows and understands what efforts it takes to be an entrepreneur, what ordeals they go through to make their dreams come true and how to reach entrepreneurial goals. That is what led her to explore and curate the success stories of 20 women entrepreneurs from across India in her book Super Women. SliceofRealLife catches up with Prachi Garg to share with you her views on women entrepreneurs in India. Here are excerpts from the interview of writer Prachi Garg:           

Congratulations! How are you feeling as a published author?

It feels great! Almost ticking of items from bucket list…

Who or what motivated you to hold a pen and debut as author? 

Writing is my passion, and I have always loved penning my thoughts since childhood. It could be letters to editor, or writing articles. Writing book was always on my bucket list.

How challenging was it to curate the stories from women entrepreneurs across India?

I think the biggest challenge was to do justice with the stories of these lovely women.

How do you juggle between your startup Ghoomophiro and writing?

As I have shared with you that writing is my passion, so I take time off other things for writing. That is why airports, beaches, hotels and railway stations have witnessed me at writing.

What does it take, you think, to be entrepreneurs for women in India?

I think we are just doing our work. I strongly feel, there should not be any glorification, when it comes to women starting on their own. Entrepreneurship is our innate skill. We have been doing/supporting our families subtly since ages.

How supportive and advantageous is the current scenario for budding women entrepreneurs in India?

I am not a supporter of special treatment to women when it comes to founding or running a startup. I think an encouraging scenario is required for development of ideas. The current environment is very conducive especially with digital media, but there is still a long way to go.

You are an entrepreneur yourself. What is your biggest achievement in entrepreneurship till date?

I think I have a long way to go, but yes, I think going back to my alma mater Miranda House as speaker about the challenges on Women Entrepreneurship was indeed very touching. After all, your college is always very close to your heart.

How is the response to your book Super Women so far?

The book has elicited good response from college students and women who aspire to be successful entrepreneurs. It is available on and on Kindle. It has been rending among the top 10 books in the entrepreneurship category on for some time.

What is your next book about? (If you have already planned)

My next book is about couples who chose together both in personal & Professional Lives. A brief synopsis about the same is there in my existing book superwomen. The next book is titled as Better Halves of Startups.

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