Tea Pea, New Hangout for Tea Lovers in Mumbai

Mumbai, November 11, 2014: A new hangout place for the youth and Tea addicts has been recently opened in the western suburb. Located in Borivali West, the café is close to the popular Kora-Kendra ground. Kicked-off by two young and enthusiast dance choreographers, Ankit Upadhyaya and Parth Patel, Tea Pea aims to be one of the popular landmarks of Borivali. Right from running a dance studio named Let’s Dance Academy to opening a Tea lounge, Tea Pea Café aims having multiple-chains in Mumbai.

Having a perfect ambiance for the Tea Lovers, Tea Pea menu is largely dedicated to a delectable range of Teas. The menu consists of varied teas categorized according to its distinct taste.

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Special Tea: Russian Tea – Tangy twist of orange base spiced with cinnamon and cloves, NaMo Tea – A strong kadak chai living up to it’s the name, Soothing Cinnamon – Healthy combo of cinnamon, black pepper and honey, Jaggery Magic – A rejuvenating concoction of pudina and lemongrass with Jaggery adding its distinct sweetness, Chai Float – Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream with a base of iced tea, Masala Iced Tea – A cooler with pinch of Indian Masala to quench your thirst and Fizzy Guava – A thirst quenching guava based cooler.

Milk Tea: The list has most loved Teas by a Mumbaikar too, the Cutting Chai & Masala Mumbai Special. To give a homely feel Maa Ke Haath Ki Chai has been the most ordered item from the menu that is blended with Indian spices and lemongrass.

Stick Tea: A different add-on to the menu is Stick Tea which comes in 5 variants – Masala, Tulsi, Jasmine, Passion Fruit and Sea Buckthorn. Elegantly crafted infuser sticks filled with the finest tea leaves that provide enough space for the loose tea leaves to unfurl and impart their delicate aroma & flavor. You are offered a chic and classy tea, and by just placing the Tea stick directly into the boiling water of the tea cup you will have served a complete product.

Green Tea: As Green tea is the best beverage for Mumbaikars to relieve their stress levels and work patterns, it offers Green teas like Aromatic Assam – A lemon yellow glow of this perky and bright tea is secretly brimming with nature’s best anti-oxidants, low on calories and bursting with grassy undertones that instant rejuvenate, Darjeeling Delight – Exquisitely  poised, with a sparkling glow, this Darjeeling Green is brewed using only the choicest pick from Darjeeling’s fine estates, Mango –  Tea blended with Mango Bits , Apple Cinnamon – Fine green tea with warm hue of Cinnamon Sticks and Apple bits, and Kashmiri Kahwa – Traditional drink from the hills of Kashmir infused with the choicest of spices and saffron strands.

Black Tea: Black Tea like Earl Grey has a blend of black leaf tea lightly flavored with bergamot to give you the perfect cup of English Earl Grey cup and Oriental Spice Tea, flavored and enriched with cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, orange peel. Taking care of the health factor Tea Pea exclusively offers Herbal Infusion too. It has Sunset – An infusion zesty lemon peels, ginger bits and peppermint flakes to give you a fantastic burst in every sip, Strawberry & Basil – A mouth-watering combo of freeze dried strawberry bits infused with Indian basil and lastly Cleopatra’s Champagne – A blend of Chamomile blossoms, with a touch of Apple bits, sprinkled with velvety rose petals to create an exotic blend from the ancient Greek mythology.

Oolong Tea: Partially oxidized tea leaves with natural floral aroma rich in anti-oxidants with multiple health benefits which also include weight-loss. Popularly known as the Tea of Beauty!

Tea Mocktails: Vanilla, Peppermint, Cranberry, Apple, Gulkand & Masala

Coffee: Latte, Cappuccino, Chai Coffee, and Cold Coffee topped with Vanilla and Caramel.

Snacks & Siders: Veg. Puff, Veg. Burger, Jain Burger, Veg, Tikka Sandwich, Thep-Roll-La, Cheese corn nuggets, masala garlic bread, bun muska, Parle G and other biscuits, Khaari, Khakras, Rusk, Toast, Cookies and Bread Butter.

Tea Pea Cafe aims to reach out to maximum audience and create awareness about the importance of Tea in a country like India that has wide population of Tea drinkers. Also, it has a motive to grow the Tea industry’s economy rate by encouraging more people into this business.

Price Range: Teas starting from Rs.34 to Rs. 199 (Exclusive teas charged higher) 

Free Wifi and Mobile Chargers!

Tea पी

Shop No. 2, Dama Villa, Kalpana Chawla Chowk,

Haridas Nagar,Near Kora Kendra Grounds,

Borivali West, Mumbai – 400092, Mumbai, India

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