Telangana CM’s New Palatial Residence is the White House of Hyderabad

While the common people are grappling with severe cash crunch in the wake of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s surgical strike on black money to battle corruption in the country, some politicians are leaving no stone unturned to make headlines for their super luxury. The latest talk of the town is Telangana CM KCR’s new palatial residence cum office in the heart of Hyderabad City.

It won’t be unjust to call Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s new home, Pragathi Bhavan, the White House of Hyderabad. The 50-cr building with open facade sprawls over 1, 00,000 sq ft of prime real estate, while the White House building (not the entire premise) in Washington DC is spread over 55,000-square feet.

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If the White House has bulletproof windows, Pragathi Bhavan has bulletproof bathrooms and bedrooms. The bulletproof bathrooms in KCR’s new residence have outraged the taxpayers of Telangana and fetched flaks for such extravagance. Pragathi Bhavan has an auditorium with seating capacity for 250 people and a meeting hall that can accommodate a gathering of 500 people.

Even the inauguration of the new official residence was a lavish affair amid a heavy security on November 24. Pragathi Bhavan is said to be the most expensive residence of any chief minister in India. There are five full-time chefs in the White House of America. Let’s see how many chefs will be working in the White House of Hyderabad.

In the White House of USA, the First Family pays for their meals, toiletries, dry cleaning and incidentals from the President’s salary. Let’s see what Telangana CM pays and for what from his salary. The White House is a tourist attraction as well, and the tour is free of charge. It won’t be a bad idea to offer free tours of Pragathi Bhavan to tourists in Hyderabad.

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