United Kitchens of India’s Jashn-e-Hyderabad Food Festival is Simply Unmissable

United Kitchens of India is one of the few Hyderabad restaurants delighting foodies to their stomachs’ content with back-to-back food festivals. Following the success of Bengali food festival in April, UKI is up with Jashn-e-Hyderabad, an absolute gastronomic euphoria for Hyderabadis on the occasion of Telangana Formation Day’s second anniversary.

What is the most special and remarkable about Jashn-e-Hyderabad at United Kitchens of India is a chef-special menu of traditional Hyderabadi dishes including soups, starters, main course and desserts which I had together at a place for the first time.

Invitation to the preview of Jashn-e-Hyderabad was an opportunity to catch up with UKI’s Executive Chef Rizwan Abdul Khader and enjoy his Hyderabadi food menu which has brought alive Road No. 45, Jubilee Hills, as a must-visit destination for foodies in the city.

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A lavish spread of Hyderabadi food at United Kitchens of India

It started in an urbane style with soothing non-alcoholic Sangria and ended in a desi way with typical Hyderabadi desserts such as khubani ka meetha. The menu begins with two soups: Maragh Shorba and Tamatar Dhaniya Shorba. Both are typical Hyderabadi soups. I chose to have the veg one fearing that Maragh Shorb, a slow cooked minced mutton soup, would make me fee heavy before tempting starters and the main course.

I liked the tomato soup with coriander leaves, which was a different taste from my recipe of winter special tomato soup. Some other invitees including Sunory Dutt from Salt to Taste were eloquent in praise of the mutton soup.

United Kitchens of India reviews, Hyderabad restaurants, food festivals
Delicious starters on the menu of Jashn-e-Hyderabad

You are advised to not go far with the soup because there are several starters (three veg & four non-veg) on the menu of UKI’s Jashn-e-Hyderabad food fest. All of the Hyderabadi starters were new to me except Tava Paneer and Sheekh Kebab. Among the non-veg starters, I strongly recommend Tala Murgh and Tava Kali Mirch Murgh. Sheekh Kebab was nowhere in comparison with them. All of the veg starters: Tava Paneer, Subz Shami and Arbi Bhooney, which were nicely coated and spiced, are must haves.

Jashn-e-Hyderabad at United Kitchens of India embodies the lavishness of Hyderabadi cuisine in the main course, which is a true magic by Chef Rizwan Abdul Khader. Be it Subz Bahar (mixed vegetable) for the vegan or Dum ka Murgh (spicy chicken dish) for the non-vegan; be it Raan Biryani (mutton) or Bagara Khana (plain biryani), the main course is full of culinary wonders from the Hyderabadi fare and gastronomic euphoria from the Chef’s repertoire.

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Hyderabadi Raan Biryani on the menu of Jashn-e-Hyderabad

It was my first experience of Dalcha Gosht (a Hyderabadi mutton dish with paste of dried fruits) which I enjoyed with a piece of naan smeared with butter. Ande ka Salan (spicy egg curry) was another spicy affair of Hyderabad, which befriended my taste buds. If you can restrain yourself from having enough of Raan Biryani and Dalch Gosht, give a try to Begumati Murgh and Dum ka Murgh.

The spicy non-veg affair culminated in a very homely taste of Khatti Dal, Bagara Khana (plain biryani) and Subz ki Tihari. Bagara Khana with Khatti Dal was so delicious that I found it as appealing as my couch after a full day’s work. Don’t miss it at United Kitchens of India Hyderabad.

However, the show stopper was Raan Biryani on a display in a toy truck. It not just looked a happy-go-lucky dish but also tasted what foodies can’t help craving.

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Traditional Hyderabadi desserts including Khubani ka Meetha at Jashn-e-Hyderabad

Like other Indian cuisines, a typical Hyderabadi food menu is incomplete without desserts, the most traditional of which made their present felt by making our mouths water during the preview of Jashn-e-Hyderabad at United Kitchens of India. There are three Hyderabadi desserts: Double ka Meetha, Khubani ka Meetha and Sheer Korma. Sheer Korma was delicious and enriched with dried fruits but I would have liked it more if it were a little less watery. Khubani ka Meetha was so authentic and yummy that I had a laddleful of it.

  • Pricing: Rs 749 (all inclusive)
  • Dates: 2 – 5 June
  • Phone: 040 23114114

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