FBB Blogstar: Versatility of Denim Fashion in the Lookbook of a Normal Working Guy like Me

I am a normal working guy. I have grown up wearing denims. Denim has been a part and parcel of my style statement since my high school days. In contrast to traditional Indian attires, denim is the only wear which is not restricted to a particular look. It defies conventionalities and rhymes with a number of different upper wears for different looks. Being a versatile writer and social critic, I find denims tuned to my personality.

I am mostly seen in pairs of denim jeans on tours, informal wear days at work and casual weekend outings. I find denims so cozy and classy that I can rely on them to pull off a look of my choice and feel at home at the same time. Whether I cocoon myself in a cozy corner of home or rock the floor on an evening soiree or pose for camera at a tourist place or travel by train, I feel relaxed only in denims.

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Funky & Quirky: This denim look of mine paired with a bright, printed shirt seems to recreate the onscreen flamboyant fashion of Govinda, a popular Bollywood actor in the 1980s and the 1990s.

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Sober & Sophisticated: A pair of denim jeans with an off-white shirt pulls off a sober look which is my favorite on semi-formal occasions. When I feel like wearing a cap while going out, I make sure to put on the cap which resonates with this look.

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Cozy & Relaxed: I don’t mind wearing denims with light, cotton t-shirts while idling away some me-time on rainy evenings or relaxing over a cup of tea in my reading zone at home. It makes me feel what I am.

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Summer Casual: Undeniably, denims are my summer best. I mostly pair denim jeans with half-sleeve cotton shirts of light hues for a casual and chic look on summer days.

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Trendy & Informal: I can’t help resorting to denims when it comes to wearing a trendy look for weekend parties or having an informal appearance at workplace on Fridays.

Needless to say, denim fashion has become a must in my everyday life. It makes me look and feel the best the way I wish in the changing and evolving landscape of urban lifestyle. I must say; denims go well with simple fashion needs of a normal working guy like me.

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