Who will adopt orphan kids, if infertile males approach Vicky donors

Bollywood is exploring new avenues of male employment beyond the known areas such as IT, KPO and BPO, where life is 24×7. Male escort and sperm donor are the latest discoveries in the B-town. The movie Desi Boyz starring Akshay and John Abraham highlighted the profession of male escort as a service (if social or unsocial, not mentioned) to those women who long to be satisfied in bed. The latest blockbuster Vicky Donor has promoted sperm donation as a social service to childless couples. This avant-garde social service is a money-spinning opportunity too.

slice of real life, slice of life, online magazine, vicky donor, sperm  donator, orphans in indiaInfertility centers are mushrooming to catch the market where infertile males are ready to shell out huge bucks for buying their wives sperm of other men. These centers are doing a lucrative business in the name of social service as shown in the movie Vicky Donor. Now more and more Vicky donors will come out of the shell and join the bandwagon, since Bollywood has given recognition to sperm donation as social service. Thanks to John Abraham the producer and Shoojit Sircar the director.

So, what motivates infertile males to buy sperms for their wives, instead of adopting orphans from orphanages? What drives them to infertility centers instead of orphanages? The reasons are multiple. May be, the women whose husbands can’t help them conceive desire to get pregnant anyhow and experience the labor pain. Couples’ demand for designer babies drives them to buy sperms from cricketers, models, actors and likes.

Whatever the reason be, this trend is in stark contrast with the age-old Indian tradition that is, a man has to produce a descendent for the family by getting his wife pregnant with his own sperms. For ages, many women have undergone sexual exploitation to get pregnant by their husbands whose infertility would remain a secret. Infertility was like a shame on their manliness in the patriarchal society. In the Bengali movie Antarmahal directed by Rituparno Ghosh, the zamindar sexually tortured his second wife to conceive her with his own sperm.

However, the scenario has taken a turn for the better. Men have learnt to admit their fault that is insufficient sperm count, if medical test reports prove the same. They have shed inhibitions to seek help of sperm donors to get their wives pregnant. Evidently, it is high time for healthy young men with lots of sperm count. Even women in their 20s are selling eggs to clinics (according to an article published in the Times of India). Surrogate mothers too are available in the market. Be the problem male infertility or female infertility, producing babies is no longer herculean task these days. slice of real life magazine, online magazine, vicky donor, sperm donation, orphan kids in india

Coming to the point, adopting a child from orphanage is a social service many times nobler than buying sperms. But the true and bitter fact is that infertility centers and sperm banks are outnumbering orphanages in India. According to an article “Vicky Donor is here” published in the Times of India on May 11, 2012, the city of Patna alone has 25 sperm donors, and demand for sperm has increased by 50%.

What will become of the orphans, if childless couples go for artificial insemination, surrogacy, or In vitriol fertilization (IVF)? There are as many as 860 orphanages across India, as per the record maintained by www.indianorphanages.net. About 20 million kids are orphans in India according to a study done by the NGO SOS Children’s Village, and published in the Hindustan Times on July 26, 2011. Who will adopt these kids? Is their future bleak? Who will give them parental identity in society? If Vicky Donor’s grandma thinks that Vicky has done a good job, gay couples can outperform Vickys by adopting kids from orphanages.

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2 Replies to “Who will adopt orphan kids, if infertile males approach Vicky donors”

  1. Sadhak

    Male escort and sperm donor arenot new in B town. I knew it when I was 19 years old. People are talking about it in open now a days. Before they don’t want to discuss this in open. Thanks to Bollywood.

    • Sourav

      Hi Sadhak. It is nice to see your comment. You are right that male escort and sperm donor are not new in B-town. That is why I stated that they are discoveries in the B-town….Keep tuned with Slice of Real Life

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