Why No Severe Lesson for Rapists in India?

crimes against women, social crimes, rape cases india, delhi gang rape, slice of real lifeThe hanging of Dhananjay the rapist in 2004 is all history for today’s rapists. Such crimes against women as molestation and rape hit the headlines of newspapers every other day. Delhi and Kolkata record a larger number of rape cases than other Indian metropolises in 2012. Kolkata shocks the nation with the rape of a mother of 2 children in February this year, and Delhi rocks the country with the brutal rape of a 23-year old woman at the year end. The number of such cases in between the beginning and the end of 2012 is uncountable (no exaggeration).

In the mid of the year, the people (gentlemen of society) had been complaining that there was nothing to see or read on media except rape news. Why only rape news? Why no news as follow up on legal action against and punishment of the rapists? Isn’t media’s responsibility to follow what sort of punishment the country’s judiciary system metes out to the beasts? Or, are such follow-ups less important than rape stories themselves?

  • New Delhi: Teen gang rape case; 3 of the 4 accused nabbed – December 10, 2012
  • Hisar: Teen abducted and gangraped; 3 nabbed – December 4, 2012
  • Chennai: Police nab tutor over sexual assault – November 16, 2012
  • New Delhi: Youth jailed, fined for kidnapping and raping a minor – November 5, 2012
  • Indore: 15 year old gang raped; trio booked – November 1, 2012

The accused are booked or nabbed or fined or jailed. Then, what happened to them? Sorry! No follow up.      

All the attention of media and mass is focused on rape victims, their suffering and the temporary protests that follow as aftereffects of the crimes.  How many rapists have been arrested, jailed and hanged for their barbaric acts, reported in 2012 only, apart from the rape cases of previous years? A rapist or a gang rape takes just one hour to destroy a girl’s life forever, whereas our judiciary system takes years to put the noose of hanging around the neck of criminals. Why? Shocking!

We get to see a series of headlines across media channels for a few days following a rape case.  Check the following headlines from the Times of India (http://tinyurl.com/c8tovk7)

  • Candle light vigil organized for the victim of Delhi gang rape
  • Sanskarnagari erupts in protests over Delhi gang rape
  • Punish rapists, demand students
  • Delhi gang rape: anger rises in the city as victim sinks
  • Brutal New Delhi gang rape outrages Indians, Spurs call for action

Every time a rape case happens, a shock as shiver runs down the spine of India and then, loses the intensity with the passing of days. What is more shocking is Government’s reaction to and uproar in the Parliament over rape cases. The UP government chief Akhilesh Yadav has announced that the Delhi gang rape victim and her beaten boyfriend will be paid for their medical treatment and given government jobs. If this is the ultimate solution to such chronic problems plaguing society and humanity, the Government should count the number of rape victims in the country, first.

Candlelight vigil or expense for medical treatment or government job falls short of even a mere consolation to victims. Severe punishment of the accused, the arrested, the jailed and the fined in public is the only right solution. The lesson – the hanging of Dhananjoy Chatterjee – must be repeated.        

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